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Walking Tour through the City Center

Walking Tour Through the City Center

Are you new in Dublin and want to explore the city center as fast as possible? Or do you want to see the most famous monuments and places in Dublin in the city center? If so, you have to do this walking tour. It leads you to every important street, place, or monument and afterward you will know the city inside and out. This tour will take about 2 hours, but you can leave out St. Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street to reduce it to around 1 hr 40 minutes. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go and explore the city center of Dublin!

The Spire

This is the perfect starting point for our tour because you can’t miss it. It’s on O’Connell Street and 121m high. It looks a bit like a gigantic lance, but make yourself an image of it. It was built in 2003 and cost 4 million Euros to construct.

O’Connell Monument

It shows Daniel O’Connell who was a famous Irish Political leader and fought for catholic emancipation and independence for Ireland. There are still bullet holes in the monument form the 1916 Easter Risings

Custom House

It’s the heritage of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and was built in 1791. IT was also set on fire during the 1916 Easter Risings, but was then restored,

Samuel Beckett Bridge

It’s the bridge that looks like a harp and it opened in 2009. The Bridge can be opened and closed as well.

After the bridge, you have to take a right and walk at the pier of the Liffey. You have to walk until you are at the big building with the Heineken Lettering on it. Then, cross the street twice and take a left. You will pass the National Wax Museum until on your right you see the…

Bank of Ireland

It is located in the former House of Parliament

Take a left now, go through the gate and you’re at…

Trinity College

Trinity College is the oldest university in Ireland. View the arch in the middle of Parliament Square.

Walk to the right of the square and find yourself at Fellows Square with the…

Book of Kells and the Old Library

The Gospel Book forms the 9th century and regarded as the finest national treasure of Ireland. The Old Library is the Largest in Ireland and has the right to receive a free copy of every book that gets published in Ireland or the UK. The admission is 10€.

When exiting The Old Library take a right and then an immediate left and find yourself at…

Grafton Street

A famous shopping area in Dublin. Walk through the street and admire the displays or do a bit of shopping.

When you reach the top of the street, look for the large park in front of you called…

St. Stephen’s Green

The Park was opened in 1664 and is now a huge leisure area right in the city center. Next to it, you can find the St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Center.

– Walk back on Grafton Street until you’re at Ulster Bank. Take a left down the road and now you are at the…

Molly Malone Statue

The woman is from a famous song about Dublin. She is strongly connected to the city and if you hear her name you immediately think about Dublin. The Statue was presented in 1988 during the Dublin Millennium Celebrations.

Afterwards, take a right and go left when you have reached H&M. Now you’re on…

Dame Street

Dame Street is one of the main streets in Dublin ad very busy with restaurants and banks.

– Walk down dame Street and take a left when you’re at the AIB Bank.  You Just have to walk through the little gate until you’re at…

Dublin Castle

It was built in 1204 and until 1922 it was the seat of the British Government. Today, it’s a popular conferencing destination and for the inauguration of the presidents of Ireland.

Walk up to the main steeple of the castle. Then, take a right through the gate with the statue of justice back to Dame Street. On your right, you can see…

Dublin City Hall

Built in 1799 it’s now a place for events like weddings.

Take a left and walk furthur up Dame Street. You will reach…


This famous historical museum comes from Viking and Medieval History. It is one of the leading tourist attractions in Dublin.

Take a right through the gate next to Dublinia and you’re standing beside of the…

Christ Church Cathedral

This church is from 1028 and is famous for its crypt beneath it. There is also a mummified cat and mouse, which were found in the 1850s in an organ pipe.

Now head towards the Liffey again. On your right you can see the prints of an ancient Viking House on the floor. when you have reached the Liffey, take a right. Now youare standing in front of the …

Dublin City Council 

The Building was built with a lot of protests and demonstrations because during the construction the had found ancient Viking buildings and tools in the ground. Nevertheless, it was completed and may still hold hundreds of artifacts underground.

– Continue walking next to the Liffey and take a right at the Dwarf Jar. Then take the next street left. You are now heading toward…

Temple Bar

This is the famous nightlife area in Dublin with loads of different pubs and restaurants. The facades of the buildings are very colorful and it’s beautiful with its streets made of cobblestone.

head through Temple Bar and take a left towards the River Liffey and look for the…

Ha’pennny Bridge

This Bridge from 1816 was one of the first ones that crossed the Liffey. Back then, you had to pay a half a penny to be allowed to pass it, hence the name Ha’penny Bridge. Today there are also a lot of love locks on it.

Cross the bridge and then follow the street north next to Marks&Spencer. Take a right and find yourself on…

Henry Street

The second very famous shopping street in Dublin. during Christmas time it has beautiful lights on display.

-Pass the Ilac Shopping Center and take a left when you reach Ginos. If you see loads of market stand you’re right on…

Moore Street

The Market has very fresh and cheap fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It’s better to buy your fruits here over a grocery store.

Continue straight and when you’re at Lidl take a right. Follow the road and you will be at the…

Parnell Monument 

This monument is from 1911 and marks the end of O’Connell Street. Charles Stewart Parnell was one of the most powerful Irish figures in the British House of Commons.

Now you just have to follow O’Connell Street and you’ve found your way back to the Spire.

That’s the tour!!

You deserve something to eat and drink, so relax in one of the many restaurants on O’Connell Street. I promise that you can’t get lost in the city center anymore as you already know your way around! I hope you enjoy this walking tour through the center city of Dublin!

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