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Typical Irish Christmas Food

The Christmas dinner looks different in every country of the world and probably varies even from family to family. This is exactly the case in Ireland. There are some typical Irish dishes that you might come across during your time in Dublin. Especially if you’re staying during Christmas time. 

Roast Turkey/Goose

This will likely be the main dish for Irish Christmas dinner. It usually has a stuffing, for example, a bread stuffing with potatoes and apples. On the side, you might have mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, peas, gravy, or ham. Roasted Goose is likely the most traditional Irish option, as the Irish adopted the custom of roasted turkey from the English. With a starter, like soup or salmon, and a dessert, you’ve got yourself as traditional Irish Dinner.

Christmas Cake

A Christmas Cake is a moist fruit cake with spices and candied fruit. most of the time it has a layer of icing or frosting, sometimes even a marzipan icing. The cake is oftentimes soaked in brandy, but the recipe will vary from family to family. It is traditionally baked 6-8 weeks before Christmas. Serve alongside a glass of whiskey and you’ve got yourself a traditional Irish desert.

Christmas Pudding

Another dessert is often served on Christmas day. Christmas Pudding is made of dried fruit, eggs, spices, and sued. Often times, Christmas Pudding is served with brandy or sherry sauce. It’d not unusual for the server to set fire to the sauce! Also called plum pudding, it is prepared months before Christmas and left to age to enhance the flavor.

Spiced Beef

Spiced Beef is a meat that was marinated in various spices, juniper berries, and sugar for up to two weeks. It is then slow-roasted, pressed and afterwards left to cool to serve. It is common to see this dish prepared in the south of Ireland in towns like Cork.

Mince Pies

Mince Pies are made out of puff pastry filled with a mixture of fruits, spices, and nuts. The mixture is known as “mincemeat”. Often times this dessert is served on Christmas Day with a cup of tea. They are known in Ireland is Santa Claus’s favorite food so they are left for him on Christmas Eve to eat when he does his visit.

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