Terms And Conditions

Licence to Reside

All students by accepting accommodation with International Student Accommodation agree to this licence.All students by accepting accommodation with International Student Accommodation agree to this licence.

In consideration of the licence accommodation fee and security deposit paid by or on behalf of the student, International Student Accommodation (ISA) hereby agrees to licence and permit the student to reside in the premises specified in the “Confirmation of Accommodation” and for the period specified in the said “Confirmation of Accommodation” subject to the covenants and conditions to be performed and observed by the student during the occupancy period as specified in this licence hereto to the intent that this licence shall constitute a mere licence only revocable at the will of ISA and at its sole discretion.

1. Accommodation Fee
The accommodation fee (€ Euro) and payment dates are set out in your Payment Request statement. Late payments will incur a late fee and or a revocation of the Licence. Payment is made by Bank transfer, PayToStudy or credit card, all foreign exchange, banking and 3rd party charges will be the responsibility of the student and not ISA.
The minimum period of stay is 7 nights for homestays. Rooms booked in host families for extra days, over and above the first week will be charged on a nightly basis. Students should never pay money directly to their host family for accommodation or make any arrangements with the host family not previously and explicitly agreed with International Student Accommodation.
The minimum period of stay is 7 nights for student residence and house/apartment shares. Accommodation will be offered on a Semester term of a minimum of 19 weeks for the Fall Semester and 21 for the Spring Semester. Student residence and house/apartment shares are charged by the full week (from Sunday to Sunday) only in exceptional circumstances and with prior written agreement of ISA will extra nights be charged pro-rata.

i. Arrival Details
The student will advise ISA of their arrival time, at the time of booking, in which case ISA will inform the host family or residence of the arrival time. Alternatively, if the arrival details are not available at the time of booking, it is the student’s responsibility to communicate these details to ISA at least 7 days’ prior to arrival.
Failure of the student to advise arrival details may result in the host family/arrival team not being at the accommodation when the student arrives. Without arrival details, ISA team will reserve the right to schedule check in for residence or homestay according to the availability. The student is responsible to advise ISA immediately of any delays and/or missed or cancelled flights.
ISA will not be held responsible for any reason if the host family is not at home to receive the student when he/she arrives.
Students going to a student residence, house/apartment share must contact the number provided prior to departing the airport. Failure to do so may result in delays in checking-in to accommodation.
Standard Arrival times are between 2pm to 8pm. You must provide your flight details or estimated arrival time in order to avoid delays checking in.
For arrivals after 8pm the student will be requested to book an airport transfer who will have keys for you.
Standard Departure time (check out) is before 10am. Late check out is not allowed and will incur a fee of 30€ per person.
Deposit refunds will be processed by Bank transfer after inspection of the accommodation. Refunds will be processed within 15 working days of your departure.You must send an email to accounts@isaccommodation.com with your bank details in order to receive your refund.
ii. Airport Transfers
All requests for Airport Transfers must be made by e-mail, giving full flight details, not less than 7 days’ prior to arrival and must be paid for in advance otherwise the service will be cancelled.
If a student misses their flight or it is delayed by more than 90 minutes they must contact ISA to confirm the new details.In the event a student can not locate the driver, the student must not leave the airport without contacting ISA. If the student leaves the airport no refund will be offered.“No-Shows” will be charged in full and the student will be charged in full for any re-arranged Airport Transfer. A maximum waiting period of 90 minutes after the confirmed flight arrival time applies to all Airport Transfers.

i. Cancellations prior the arrival & Late Amendments Bookings may be cancelled up to 14 days (12 noon GMT) prior to the booking date will incur a €350 administration charge, 100% of the accommodation fee – if paid – will be refunded less any bank charges incurred.Cancellations received 14 days (12 noon GMT) or less prior to the booking date and “no-show”, will incur a penalty of €350 and the first two weeks accommodation fee, the remaining balance will be refunded excluding any banking charges.

A “no-show” is considered a non arrival at the agreed time without prior notification.
Amendments received 14 days or less prior to the booking date date will be charged from the original date.
ISA reserves the right to make changes to the accommodation address up to the arrival date.
ii. Curtailment of Accommodation Student Residence, House/Apartment Shares In the event a student curtails his/her stay at a student residence, house/apartment share, refunds for unused portions of accommodation will not be given to short term students (17 weeks or less).   Long term students (18 weeks or more) – We operate Semester 1 (Sept to Jan) and Semester 2 (Jan to May/June or more). By accepting accommodation for Erasmus students you are obliged to pay for the full Semester. Early departures are not entitled to a refund of the unused portion.If you have booked the full academic year you can cancel the spring semester without any cost before November 1st, for the summer semester the deadline is March 1st. After these dates and up to 14 days (12 noon GMT) prior to the booking date for the next semester (date agreed with ISA before booking), cancellations will incur a €350 administration charge, 100% of the accommodation fee – if paid – will be refunded less any bank charges incurred. Cancellations received 14 days (12 noon GMT) or less prior to the booking date for the second semester (date agreed with ISA before booking) will incur a penalty of €350 and the first two weeks accommodation fee, the remaining balance will be refunded excluding any banking charges.
No exceptions will be made even in the case of visa refusal, medical or family emergency as students are advised to purchase a student travel insurance policy.
Homestays Refunds for unused portions of accommodation in event a student cuts short his/her stay at a host family will only be issued for the portion less an entire weeks notice. For Homestay bookings cancelled within 14 days of arrival and where an alternative host family is offered, an administration charge of €150 will be charged on top of the one weeks notice. No exceptions will be made even in the case of medical or family emergency as students are advised to purchase a student travel insurance policy.
Refunds: In order to request a refund, please provide the following details to accounts@isaccommodation.com  your name, ISA student reference number, bank account IBAN number and bank BIC (or Swift) number. ISA will endeavour to process all refunds within 15 days from the date we receive your correct banking details or departure date.
No deposits will be returned prior to departure.

Utilities including Electricity, Heating, Refuse, Broadband and Water are included in your accommodation fee. Fair usage applies and you will be charged for any costs incurred by International Student Accommodation in excess of the weekly allowance.
i. Standard utilities will be charged at a rate of €10 per week. Any amount in excess of this will be deducted from your deposit at the end of your stay. Students are responsible for fair usage of Electricity and Heating in the accommodation.
ii. Utility costs and estimated usage can be provided to students.
iii. Wi-fi broadband is provided to be shared by all tenants. Fair usage applies to ensure service to all tenants. As ISA is not the service provider, we cannot guarantee the service reliability, speed, availability and signal strength in the property. No financial compensation is due to any tenant in the event of service disruption or change of provider. Any illegal internet activity, e.g. peer-to-peer file sharing, may be prosecuted.

In the event of a complaint, ISA will aim to resolve all issues in the shortest time frame possible. The student must inform ISA of any issue as soon as possible. Students need to allow some time to resolve issues, especially during the weekend/out of hours.
If a student’s complaint is deemed to be bona fide, ISA will endeavour to find a solution, which may include relocating the students to alternative equivalent accommodation. ISA will not be liable to pay financial compensation to students who have actually stayed in booked accommodation but have complained after the duration of the stay ; nor will ISA pay for accommodation booked or arranged by an unsatisfied student or any third party, who was offered alternative accommodation.
In the event of a serious complaint, ISA will relocate the student immediately and resolve all issues after the student has been moved, in this case accommodation may not be equivalent to that which was booked.
ISA agrees to handle complaints on an immediate basis and provide feedback.
In the event of an urgent relocation becoming necessary, the student should first contact ISA who will make arrangements for the relocation. If such a situation should occur on a weekend, evening or public holiday, the contact must be made to ISA’s emergency number (provided prior to arrival in the confirmation documents and in the residence notice board).

In the case of host family or other accommodation supplier requesting that a student be relocated as a result of the student’s behaviour being deemed “unacceptable” by the accommodation supplier or due to the incompatibility of the student and the host family, ISA will relocate the student to suitable similar accommodation, subject to availability. Should similar accommodation not be available, ISA will relocate the student to alternative accommodation. ISA will not be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any inconvenience caused to the student as a result of relocation for reasons of “unacceptable behaviour” by the student or incompatibility with the host family, nor will ISA be liable to pay for any expenses (such as transportation costs etc.) incurred as a result of such a move being required.

Should students wish to extend their stays, they must first contact ISA with the extension request by email. The student may not make “direct deals” with host families or other accommodation suppliers and the student agrees they will not book direct.
ISA is under no obligation to provide extensions for students who wish to extend their stays, as the extension will always be subject to availability. Extensions “options” without commitment cannot be guaranteed. ISA will endeavour to find similar alternative accommodation, as this is always subject to availability.

Address : 6 Crow Street, Temple Bar Dublin 2, D02 XV00
Telephone : Residence +353 (0) 1 4758987 / Homestay +353 (0)1 558 3813  E-mail : info@isaccommodation.com
We will inform all students immediately in the event this number is changed.
Office hours are from 09.00 until 17.00 GMT, Monday to Friday. The office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (as well as for Christmas/New Year holidays). When the office is closed, all email accounts are monitored, however we do not guarantee a reply will be sent within the time limits specified above.

i. All accommodation is NO SMOKING; Any student smoking or permitting another person to smoke in the accommodation will be in breach of this licence and will result in a fine and/or a revocation of the licence.
ii. Notification of House Rules are published in all residence, failure to observe all these rules will be in breach of this agreement and will result in a fine and/or a revocation of the licence.
iii. Subletting is not allowed: the student cannot sublet the bedroom booked under his/her name to another person. Subletting will constitute a breach of this licence and will result in a fine and/or a revocation of the licence.
iv. Revocation Should the student -a) commit a serious breach of this licence; or b) conduct him or herself in a manner that is unlawful or seriously disruptive or anti-social; or c) be charged with a criminal offence which in the reasonable opinion of ISA is serious, then ISA shall be absolutely entitled to revoke this Licence forthwith and the student shall vacate the premises on seven days notice (or earlier if deemed appropriate) without prejudice to any other rights accruing in favour of ISA here under.
v. We hold the rights of relocating students when necessary. If the same type of bedroom/accommodation is not available and the student decides to cancel the accommodation, he/she will receive a refund for the the unused portion of the accommodation

Should the student be in breach of the terms herein contained then ISA at its sole discretion shall be entitled to levy a fine in such amount as it shall decide. If a decision is made to revoke your licence you will forfeit your deposit and licence accommodation fee paid. The administrator shall be entitled to revoke the licence or impose such a fine. The student shall be informed of the ISA’s decision to impose a fine or to revoke the Licence.

(i) ISA will ensure that accommodation is maintained to a high standards and deliver quality service as contracted.
(ii) Any alternative to this Agreement must be made in writing and accepted by both parties. All the contents of this Agreement are strictly confidential and should not be disclosed to any third party.
(iii) ISA will not be held liable and/or responsible to students in the event of physical damage, death, financial and/or material damage and/or loss to personal belongings or delays in connection with services other than those provided directly by ISA.
(iv) ISA will not be held responsible in the event of extraordinary circumstances such as act of strike, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, theft, act of God and/or any other circumstance(s) beyond its control.
(v) ISA will not be liable for any loss(es), damage(s), claim(s) or expense(s) directly and/or indirectly arising from any breach of this licence due to accommodation/service providers, including, without limitation, any injury to person(s), and/or damage to, or loss of property, whether caused by accommodation/service provider’s liability (in relationship to accommodation/service provider’s activities), negligence, gross negligence or wilful misconduct, their employees, business invitees, guests, customers or arising from any other matter whatsoever. In case of any conflict arising as result of this agreement, the decision of the Irish Courts will be final. The terms of this paragraph shall survive any termination of this licence.
(vi) ISA will not be held financially responsible for any minor differences between the description given to the student and the accommodation provided in the case of Host families failing to advise ISA of changes to their accommodation. If differences are significant and likely to have a negative impact upon a student’s stay, ISA will make arrangements to move the student(s) to more suitable accommodation. The student agrees to integrate themselves with their host family and fully accepts they will not receive a similar “service” to that provided by hotels and B&B establishments.


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