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Welcome to Ireland!

As a junior student under 18 years old, we want to ensure your stay is safe, comfortable, and filled with amazing experiences. Our carefully selected Garda Vetted Host Families provide a warm and welcoming environment for you to call home. With a full board meal plan, including delicious breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, and snacks, you’ll have all the fuel you need for your studies and adventures. Our host families offer comfortable accommodation, making you feel like part of the family. To make your arrival stress-free, we provide airport greeting and transfer services. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a welcome pack with everything you need to settle in. Get ready for an active English learning experience and immerse yourself in Irish culture. Make lifelong friends and have an unforgettable fun. Your journey begins here!

Our Summer Programs Include

Make life long friends on your visit.

Experience real Irish culture.

Airport greetings and transfers.

Accommodation in our vetted host families.

Emersion is the best way to learn a new language.

A SIM Card can be distributed to students on request.

Our host families are Guarda vetted.

Dublin, Cork and Galway.

Breakfast, packed lunches, main meal and snacks.


Full board meal plan.

Junior Students (Under 18 yrs)

See everything Ireland really has to offer.

Choose from

Summer Immersion

Summer Camps

Summer Immersion

Summer Immersion

Immerse, Connect, and Flourish with International Student Accommodation’s Summer Immersion Programme in Ireland!


Embark on an incredible adventure in Ireland with International Student Accommodation’s renowned Summer Immersion Programme! Designed exclusively for teenagers aged 12-17, this is the ultimate opportunity to enhance your English conversation skills while immersing yourself in the charm of a traditional Irish family. Get ready to experience the best of both worlds as you learn English in a fun and dynamic environment while creating lifelong memories with your host family. Whether you’re exploring the breathtaking landscapes, discovering the rich history, or indulging in delicious Irish cuisine, every moment will be a unique and unforgettable experience. Join us on this extraordinary journey and unlock your full potential in English! Please note: Students should have an upper-intermediate level of English to fully enjoy the program.

An experience you’ll never forget.

An Irish Summer!

The students will participate in a variety of activities with their Host Family always encouraging them to develop their confidence in using English and enjoying the Culture of Ireland. You will learn and participate in Irish lifestyle & culture So you will be treated as part of a Real Irish Family.

While in your Irish host family, you will take part in the daily routine as well as enjoy both fun and cultural activities

You will benefit by listening to native English speakers who will encourage you to speak with them in English giving you a level of fluency that can only be gained from an Immersion program

You will return to your country with the knowledge that you have made friends for life

Minimum booking – 2 weeks.


ISA Verified Host Family
Guarda Vetted Irish Host Family
Full Board Meal Plan
Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Snacks
Airport Greetings & Transfers
Welcome Pack

Not Included

Pocket Money
English Classes
Full/half-day excursions

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Unleash Adventure, Friendship, and Fluency at International Student Accommodation Junior Summer Camps!


Welcome to the thrilling world of International Student Accommodation Junior Summer Camps in Dublin! Perfectly tailored for adventurous teenagers aged 14-17, these camps are the ultimate gateway to developing your English skills while having a blast. Get ready for a truly memorable experience where learning becomes a joy and making lifelong friends is a guarantee. Our carefully chosen Junior Summer Camps strike the perfect balance between engaging English lessons and exciting social and cultural activities. From exploring historic sites to trying your hand at traditional Irish dance, every moment is an opportunity for growth, connection, and pure fun. Join us for an unforgettable summer filled with laughter, learning, and endless adventure. Get ready to unlock your potential while creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Unlock the Ultimate Adventure

Join our thrilling summer camp designed exclusively for international students aged 14-17! Mornings filled with engaging English classes pave the way for action-packed afternoons, where friendships flourish and language skills soar effortlessly. Regardless of personality or interests, whether they’re sporty, shy, creative, eager, or anything in between, this camp is tailored for every unique individual. Prepare for an unforgettable experience that will be cherished forever, where laughter, growth, and incredible memories await!

Summer Camp Activities


Junior Summer Camp

English + Activities

  • General English Course 15h per week (9:30-12:45)
  • Homestay Accommodation Full Board Catering
  • Transfers: Airport & Return
  • Leap Card (Public transport card with credit)
  • Entry level test
  • 6 levels Available
  • Supervised Sports and Activity programme
  • Programme Materials, Course Book and Additional Didactic Materials
  • 1 free disco per week
  • End of Course Certificate
  • Individual Student Report
  • Full and half day excursions

Junior Rugby Camp*

English + Rugby

  • Standard English Course 15h per week(9:15-12:30)
  • Homestay Accommodation Full Board Catering
  • Transfers: Airport & Return
  • Leap Card (Public transport card with credit)
  • Entry Level Test
  • 6 Levels Available
  • 4 afternoons per week have rugby training from 2pm to 4.45pm with the I.R.I.
  • Programme Materials, Course Book and Additional Didactic Materials
  • 1 free Disco per week
  • End of Course Certificate
  • Individual Student Report
  • Certificate from the Irish Rugby Institute

Junior Intensive English

English + Activities

  • Intensive English course 15H per week (9:30-12:45)
  • 3 Additional Afternoons (13:45-15:45)
  • Homestay Accommodation Full Board Catering
  • Transfers: Airport & Return
  • Leap Card (Public transport card with credit)
  • Activities 2 Afternoons per week (14:00-17:00)
  • 1 full day excursion
  • 1 under-18 disco per week.
  • Max 15 students per class
  • Programme Materials, Course Book and additional Didactic Materials
  • End of Course Certificate
  • Individual Student Report

Junior FCE Preparation

English + Activities

  • FCE Preparation classes.
  • FCE Exam fees
  • Homestay accommodation full board catering
  • Transfers from the airport and return
  • Leap Card (Public transport card with credit)
  • Activities all the afternoons
  • 1 full day excursion
  • 1 under-18 disco per week.
  • Max 15 students per class
  • Programme materials, course book and additional didactic materials
  • End of course certificate
  • Individual student report

Minimum Booking in 2 Weeks.

This Programme is Suitable for Teenagers Between 14-17 Years Old.

All Levels of English Accepted.

*Please note students must bring their own rugby boots and gum shields /mouth guards. Rugby is a tough physical sport and ISA cannot accept responsibility for students missing days on the course due to injury or sprains.

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