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Public Transportation in Dublin

Public transport in Dublin

In Dublin, there is always a way of getting around without having to walk, bike, or drive. The public transportation system is perfect for traveling in and out of the city, as well as getting around once you are already in Dublin City. The Dart, Busses, and Luas can all be bundled into a low time-based payment which will give you unlimited access. Not only is it affordable, but it is also quite convenient! Dublin Public Transit runs with frequent stops and rarely late. Having a car is not nearly a necessity when moving to Dublin.

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The Leap Card

For frequent travelers, a Leap Card is a must! The Card will be automatically loaded with funds, or an unlimited plan so that you will be able to scan your card whenever using any public transportation in Dublin. Just tap your card on the scanner and you are on your way. The convenience of having a Leap Card is unmatched.

There are many different plans to choose from. If you are a student, the Leap Card offers a special plan just for you. The student card works on an unlimited basis from your time of purchase.

If you plan on being in the city for a short while, you can purchase a visitor’s card. This gives you unlimited access to public transport for your stay at one standard price.

If you are going to be commuting daily, using a Leap Card Capping program is going to be the most affordable. The card will charge as you go like a normal leap card, but once you reach the specific price limit, you are no longer charged for your travel and will have unlimited access until the next week. For those who will travel frequently, it will seem like a constant weekly travel bill.

The Dart

If a station is near your area, the Dart will be your most convenient option to travel into the city. This local train runs as north as Malahide/Howth to as south as Bray and Graystones. When waiting at a Dart station, it is very rare for you to wait more than 15 minutes for a train. It takes you into the city stopping at Connolly Station, Tara Street Station, and Pearse Station. No matter where you are in the city, a Dart station is likely not a far distance.

You can access a live map of all of the Dart trains at irishrail.ie as well as a timetable of the train schedule. Trains will continue to run from 5 am-12 am daily.

The Dublin Bus

The Dublin busses will stop all over the city. There are several mobile apps to find find a bus where you are heading but the best one to use is called Moovit. The app will give you the times, stops, and bus numbers so you can be confident in your commute. You may also use the internet browser version both work just as well. For more detail on your route, you can use dublinbus.ie route planner. This is useful if you are traveling without a leap card, as the planner will give you the calculated fares you will need for the trip. 

The full-time busses will run from 5 am-12 am, but there was recently a limited late-night bus route that was added to serve the Dublin night-life. Find out if a bus serves your area at NiteLink

The Luas

The Luas is the tram system that runs throughout Dublin. It is likely you will see these in the street on your first day in the city. There are two routes that the Luas follows. There is the red line that runs mostly East and West and the Green Line which runs north and south. Tram travel is a very easy way to get around in the city, and although it does not run on a timetable like a train, realtime stop information can be found on the Trasport for Ireland website. 


You can find the Dublinbikes at stands all throughout Dublin. The Terminals accept an Annual Card, the Leap Card or a 3-day ticket. Some terminals have credit card facilities that you can buy a 3-day card.

The procedure is shown at the terminals and you just have to follow the instructions. 

Log in at the terminal with your leap card or another, enter your pin and select a bike on the screen, then you have 60 seconds for pressing the unlocking button on the stand of the bike. Remove the bike within 5 seconds.

When you finish your journey, you can bring your bike back to any available stand. While you take the bike to the stand an audio signal of 2 beeps and a green light shows you if it’s locked correctly.

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When all else fails, Free Now is Dublin’s mobile taxi service. Just download the app, put in some personal and payment information, and get connected with a driver in no time. This is the easiest way to travel around Dublin, but it also is the most expensive public transportation in Dublin. In the app, you can book several different types of taxis and have preferences like size, level of comfort, and allowance of other passengers.

In a pinch, Free Now is a great alternative to traditional public transportation.

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