Public transport in Dublin

Posted On 07/11/2016

In Dublin are different ways of transport available to get in Town. When you have a leap card you can travel with all of them.

The Dublin Bus: 

For travelling by bus easiedublin-busr you can download an App “Dublin Bus” to find your route or stop nearby. When you take a look at the timetables at the stops, don’t be confused. The times stated are the time the bus leaves his station, so you have to add the minutes it needs to get to your area. It is easier when you check the App or the electronic timetables which are located at many bus stops.

As a signal to the bus driver that you would like to get on the bus, you have to stretch out your left arm. When you have the correct bus it doesn’t mean that you arrive in town on time, during rush hour it could take you the double time you would need with normal traffic.


More information: DublinBus

The Luas:

picture-luasThe Luas luas-tramis the tram of Dublin and operates in two lines, the red and the green line. Both lines will be brought together next year. The red one starts from the west to the east side near the port and the green line starts in the south and ends in the city centre.

For the Luas is also an App available. During peak times the tramp arrives every 5 minutes, otherwise every 10 or 15 minutes. At the stops are electronic timetables too.

When you travel with your leap-card, don’t forget to stamp again when you get in the Luas and when you leave it, there are small pillars outside at the stops.

More information: LUAS


The Dublin bikes:

Public transport Dublin You can find the Dublinbikes at many stands in Dublin and the Terminals accept an Annual Card, the Leap Card or a 3-day ticket. Some terminals have credit card facilities that you can buy a 3-day card.

How to use the bike:

The procedure is shown at the terminals and you just have to follow the instructions. 

Log in at the terminal with your leap card or another, enter your pin and select a bike on screen, then you have 60 seconds for pressing the unlocking button on the stand of the bike. Remove the bike within 5 seconds.

When you finish your journey, you can bring your bike back to every available stand. While you take the bike to the stand an audio signal of 2 beeps and a green light shows you if it’s locked correctly.

More information: DublinBikes


The Public transport DublinDART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is a Train and it’s a quick and easy way to get around in Dublin. The service runs every 15 minutes and from 6:30 to 23:00. It runs along the coast of the Irish Sea from Malahide or Howth in north County Dublin southwards as far as Greystones.

More information: Irish Rail 


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