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Picnic in Dublin

Picnic in Dublin

As spring is coming you may be in the mood for a picnic again after this winter. Dublin is known for its rainy weather, but we also have some days where the sun is shining creating some perfect spots for a nice picnic in the sun. Sit down in a park, a nice garden or on the cliffs of Howth to enjoy some delicious treats like sandwiches or cupcakes and relax from your studies.

In this post, you will find some of the best picnic spots in Dublin as well as a checklist that you need to bring with you so you can have the perfect picnic. Furthermore, we have some suggestions for food you can take with you.

Botanic Gardens

They’re located in the north of Dublin and you can get there easily by bus. Enjoy the nice flowers and take a break from the city life in this quiet and peaceful atmosphere. I would suggest preparing your picnic at home because there isn’t really a grocery store nearby.


Sandymount Beach

A scenic beach in the west of Dublin, also easily accessible by bus. On a nice and clear day you can watch plenty of boats entering and leaving the port of Dublin or even go for a swim if it’s warm enough. But be warned, the water will still be quite cold.


The beautiful peninsula in the north of Dublin offers plenty of spots for a nice picnic. At the harbour or at the cliff walk with beautiful views, you can’t go wrong going here for a picnic. I recommend the Market in Howth near to the DART station that offers some ideal picnic food like bread or antipasti.


St. Stephen’s Green

This is one of the oldest parks in Dublin and right beside Grafton Street. If you are located near the city center than this is perfectly close. The green line Luas has a stop right next to it and you can also find loads of grocery stores or bakeries in close range. It has a beautiful lake as well as plenty of spots to sit down and enjoy a picnic.



Iveagh Gardens

Just beneath St. Stephen´s Green there is Iveagh Gardens, a green oasis in the middle of the city. Take a seat on the large lawns or under one of the huge trees which provide shades on a sunny day. Getting supplies for your picnic isn´t a problem here, because you’re right in city centre.


Phoenix Park

It’s one of the largest city parks of the world, even two times bigger than Central Park in New York. You will surely find a nice spot for a picnic here, for example at the Wellington Monument. Or you try to search the wild deers in the park which aren’t that scared of humans and won´t run away. Moreover, you can find designated picnic spots where you are also allowed to have a barbecue.

Merrion Park

It´s another park close to the city center in the south of Dublin and you will find plenty of space here to hold your picnic on the lawn. Furthermore, there are some nice flower arrangements at Merrion Square in the middle of the park.


St. Patrick’s Park

Right next to St. Patrick´s Cathedral this is also a very central spot. You can find a shady spot easily under one of the trees or sit down on a bench near to the fountain in the middle of the park. Enjoy your picnic with a beautiful view on the impressive cathedral.

Duhblinn Gardens

This scenic park is right behind Dublin castle and perfect for a picnic on a sunny day. As it´s very close to the city center you can get something to eat and sit down in Dubhlinn Gardens to enjoy it. The trimmings on the lawn should symbolize two snakes and give the park an artistic aspect.

Picnic Foods

There are plenty of things you can bring to a picnic, and you can find all of them in Dublin. If you want to get a sandwich you can go to a bakery or a grocery store. They mostly offer a wide range of types or you just get the ingredients there and make your own at home.

You can also make some mini-pizzas, potato or pasta salads, cookies or anything else at home to bring to the picnic. My tip is to buy a watermelon. What is better than a refreshing watermelon on a sunny and hot day?!

In bakeries, you can also get some delicious cupcakes or Donuts as a dessert for your picnic or as a sweet treat.

If you want to buy some fruit, I recommend to buy them at a street market, for example at Moore Street. They’re cheaper there compared to many grocery stores and always fresh. You can find deals like 3 apples for 1€ there and also a huge range of different fruit.

What to bring

  • Food & Drink: Pretty self explaining, right?
  • Picnic Blanket: Very important as an underlay to sit on, so your clothes doesn’t get dirty when you want to sit on the grass.  
  • Backpack or Picnic Basket: To transport your food and drinks in a safe and handy way.
  • Cups, Plates and Cutlery: This is important if you want to eat a salad or soup at your picnic. I recommend to buy some out of plastic or cardboard, so you can throw them away afterward.
  • Bottle Opener: Nothing worse if you want to open a bottle, but you don’t have an opener at hand.
  • Napkins and Baby Wipes: To clean up after your picnic and to keep your hands clean.
  • Salt & Pepper or sauces: If you want to season your sandwich on the spot or want a dressing for your salad.
  • Trash Bags: For your packaging and to keep the spot clean for others that want to picnic there or for yourself, if you’re coming again.

I hope you find your ideal spot for a picnic and take advantage of the nice day outside!!

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