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Most Memorable Walks in Dublin

Take a stroll around the city!

When walking down the streets of Dublin, you will surely notice the difference in architecture of all of the buildings. Commonly you will find an old church sitting in the middle of modern office buildings or a hundred year old building next to a new apartment complex. While some areas look more similar than others, Dublin truly is a beautiful city to walk around. If you find yourself wandering around the city with some free time, make sure to walk down some of these streets as we believe they are the prettiest ones in Dublin! 


1. Phoenix Park

This park is just a short walk from the city centre, but with its size being over 7 km squared, you won’t feel like you are in Dublin. The park is scattered with wild deer, that will probably approach you. Take a walk through Phoenix Park and you will shortly see why Dubliners and tourists love this green space.

2. Tivoli Car Park

This is perhaps one of the more hidden gems in the city. While it is used to park cars, it also has some of the most colourful and creative street art in the city. Take a short walk in here and look at the artwork on each wall, just pay attention to the operating hours because the gates do close at night.



3. Ha’Penny Bridge

Undoubtably Dublin’s most famous bridge, the Ha’Penny Bridge is located close to the city centre. Walk across this bridge built in 1816 and see some of the best views of the River Liffey. It’s intricate ironwork makes it a popular place for pictures. Head over the river on the Ha’Penny Bridge to take a look all the way down the Liffey.



4. Creative Quarter

Though there are no clear signs that this is the “Creative Quarter” of Dublin, you may notice that this section of town looks a little different. The tall, red brick buildings with stained glass windows house the The Market Arcade, a place in which you will find handmade Irish crafts and homemade delicious sweets. This market doubles as a walkway to the Powerscourt shopping centre, an upscale shopping mall with cute cafes and nifty shops. This is definitely a walk you won’t forget about.


5. O’Connell Street

Known for its shopping, statue, and spire, O’Connell Street is one walk that you will not want to miss out on. This street starts just as you cross the Liffey on the O’Connell Bridge. The Daniel O’Connell Statue begins the scenic street walk, followed by the 120m tall Millennium Spire. Lining this street are tons of stores, so if you need to get some shopping done too, you will wan to check this street out.




6. St. Stephen’s Green

Right in the heart of the city centre, you will find St. Stephen’s Green. Busy with people an plenty of birds, this is a great place to hang out with friends on a sunny day, read a book, or take a walk to refresh your mind. This park has four corners, each with a different entrance and coming all together at the centre, you will find a fountain and benches. With all different types of flowers, this is a great place to enjoy the outdoors without having to travel far.


7. Trinity College

As an actively running school, Trinity College offers both a home to students and a fun place for visitors. Most commonly known for the being home to Book of Kells and the Long Room, it also offers beautiful scenery to walk through. The old buildings line the cobblestone street that lead to an open green space in front of the library. Often, it is less crowded than St. Stephen’s Green, so this is a great place to walk through and relax for a while. Enjoy both the history and beauty of Trinity College.



8. Grand Canal Bank

When walking through this area, you may feel like you have travelled to another city. Its modern buildings and canal area give a different view and feel than just down the river. Nicknamed the “Silicon Docks”, this area is home to many corporate business headquarters, but don’t worry, there’s more than buildings! Coffee shops and  restaurants line the banks of the Grand Canal and give off a serene atmosphere. Take a stroll down the Grand Canal and see a different view of the city that will be memorably beautiful.




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