Irish Souvenirs to Bring Home

Posted On 01/11/2017

Gifts for everyone!

Surely while you are in Dublin, you’ll do some shopping for yourself. But, what about for your friends and family? It’s always nice to bring your family or close friends a small gift back from your trip. However, sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect gift for everyone. Here is a list of some ideas for souvenirs to bring back home with you!


A box of Butler’s Chocolates


This is a great gift because they are handmade Irish chocolates. In addition, they offer different sizes and flavours, so you have options here. Your friends will surely love the the the thought and definitely these yummy treats. You can pick up a box of 4 different kinds for as little as €3.50. They also have multiple locations across town and they sell them in almost every grocery store, too!

Irish Wool Sweaters or Scarves

Ireland is pretty well-known for having nice, warm, wool sweaters. You can find these at various stores within Dublin. These pure wool scarves and sweaters tend to be a little bit more on the pricy side, but they will last a long time. This would be a nice, thoughtful gift for someone special, like a parent, boyfriend, or girlfriend. The Aran Sweater Market is located on Grafton Street and they have one of the widest selections of wool products in all of Dublin!


From shot glasses to coffee mugs, these are great gifts for anyone who likes to drink out of a fun container. Carroll’s sells all different themed shot glasses, glass Guinness pint cups, coffee mugs, and tea sets. If you know someone who collects any of these things, a special Dublin one would be a great addition to their collection. Also, they are pretty inexpensive, so you can pick up a few for multiple people. For example, get a set of 3 shot glasses for €5 or a leprechaun mug for €10.



If you didn’t know, the Irish love symbolism. One of the greatest example of this is their famous Claddagh rings: the image of two hands holding a heart in the centre. This stands for the love, loyalty, and friendship of two people. These rings are worn worldwide and the cool thing about them is that they were first created in a small town close to Galway. These are great gifts to bring back for some friends, your sister, your mom, or grandma. You can find them in expensive jewelry stores, but you can also find them sold for cheaper on Grafton Street.

Handmade Crafts

These are things like handmade bracelets, glass candy dishes, or artwork. The Market Arcade is the best place to find these types of gifts. Each booth sells different types of crafts and you can find some good gifts in here. You will find a lot of photographs and paintings made by local artists. You might also find some handmade bowls, coffee mugs, and wall decorations. If you are looking for a lot of handmade crafts, try to go to some of the markets that they have during the weekends, too. These make nice gifts for anyone who appreciates art or things for their home.


Here are a few more ideas for small inexpensive gifts:








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