Festivals in Dublin 2020

Posted On 13/02/2018

Festivals in Dublin 2020

Dublin has some amazing festivals to offer in 2020. They’re always a lot of fun and perfect if you want to spend a nice day outside and to experience something new. Each one has a different topic on this list and I’m sure you will find one that you want to take part in too! Here are some of the best Festivals in Dublin!


St. Patrick’s Festival 

Probably the biggest festival in Ireland and you won’t have any chance to get around it. It was established in 1995 and is a national festival to show what Irish people are like and to showcase which talents they have on the biggest public holiday in Ireland. They will be parties all around Dublin and you will see fairs, parades, storytelling, concerts, light arrangements, street carnival, and exhibitions.

The parade on Tuesday the 17th will be the biggest event. It will start at 11 am and you can admire the street theatre and carnival, international bands and circus arrangements. Moreover, there will be independent events that will feel like a city-wide party.

The festival takes place from the 14th to 17th March 2020. The best thing is that nearly everything is free, besides some concerts! Go out, have fun and celebrate St. Patrick´s Day like a real Irish!

To get to know every event visit their website.

Bloomsday Festival

The Bloomsday Festival is a street festival to celebrate the life and work of Dublin native James Joyce. The celebration feels like your living right out of his most famous novel Ulysses. You will find people dressed in the fashion from his time period, eating food mentioned in the book, visiting locations from the novel, and performing readings from the text.

The Bloomsday Festival runs from 11-16 June in Dublin, the city that inspired Joyce and his major works. Explore the James Joyce Tower and Museum or reflect upon all the living and the dead at Glasnevin Cemetery. Enjoy the intimate atmosphere at Sweny’s Chemist or lose yourself in literature at the National Library of Ireland. Learn about Joyce’s life and works at the James Joyce Cultural Centre and discover a world of words at the Museum of Literature Ireland.

Music Town

Music town is a 2-week celebration of the diversity of music that exists in Dublin. MusicTown aims to unify the city, making music relatable and accessible. Starting from just a program of concerts, it is now filled with collaborations, masterclasses, and workshops.

Some of the events going on this year as described by Music town: one of the most acclaimed podcasters in Europe, Blindboy, getting under the skin of an artist’s mindset, a skateboarding film with a live score, new arrangements and interpretations of two classic Radiohead albums, free opera being brought across Dublin neighborhoods, the thought process of making music videos, an original piece of vinyl released by our finest new artists, a spoken-word sensation, a tribute to the late great Johann Johannsson, the next generation of RIAM students learning their craft, music made accessible for disability, a music-themed art exhibition, a walking tour, and, of course, one of our great singers Damien Dempsey performing his new album he made with a cast of acclaimed artists.

Dublin Dance Festival

Dublin Dance Festival presents the best Irish and International dance performances in venues throughout the city to a growing and evolving audience. They create a platform for artists to create new opportunities through collaboration in dance. 

Dublin Horse Show

The Dublin Horse Show is back for the 147th year. Since 1864 the Horse Show has been a Dublin Tradition and Celebration. Come out and witness the winner of the best show horses as we as the best jumpers. Tens of thousands of people come to witness from Ireland and over the world.

Plenty of entertainment is available for families and children. There are circus performers, magicians, jugglers, Irish dancers, and comedians. Even if you don’t come for the horses, the atmosphere will certainly keep you smiling!

Dublin Theatre Festival

Dublin Theatre Festival incorporates theatre, music, dance, and family events in venues taking place across the city of Dublin and the greater Dublin area. The festival is 3 weeks long taking place September 24th-October 11th.

Dublin Theatre Festival is committed to the development and support of artists and their work. Through artist development programs, presenting in development works and engaging with international networks, the festival supports both Irish and international projects aimed at inspiring, cultivating and celebrating emerging and established artists.

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