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Student Residence FAQ 

Do you do Monthly Payments?

We don’t do monthly payments, we split payments according to the length of the student stay

Can I have the details of the other guests before I arrive ?

We can’t share the details of the other students because of the GDPR (data protection law), but we can tell you that the twin rooms are shared only with students of the same gender.

Can I have guests stay overnight with me ?

 Overnight guests are not allowed in the residence, please check our House Rules 

If I cancel my booking, will I get my deposit back?

In case of cancellation, you are not entitled to any refund, please check out Terms & Conditions

How many guests will there be in my residence?

You can always check this Information in each Individual page of our Dublin Student Residences.
Dublin Student Residence Page

Is this residence close to my college?

All our Dublin student residences are located in Dublin City Center, on each residence page you will find in the specifications section the time it takes to rach of the main universities and colleges of Dublin.

We also have a residence conveniently located close to DCU on Northside of Dublin

You will have a Google Map that will allow you to Individually Check all the Distances that you might need.

Can I see the picture of the room available?

All the pictures are on our website in the page of every residence. The photos are also figurative and that means that if your room is not the one in the pictures is going to be very similar.

How do I check-in at the accommodation once I have reserved it? How can I get the keys?

Few days before arrival we contact you with all the information you need for the check-in. The accommodation team will meet you at the check-in and give you the keys of the accommodation.

Do you provide bed linen and towels?

We do provide bedlinen, but we do not provide towels, please bring your own towel. 

Is there a residence for females only/males only?

No, our residences are shared accommodation for international students of mixed nationalities and genders

What is the difference between Standard accommodation, Standard Plus and Premium?

Standard accommodation are located in the city centre and presented with all the basic requirements; Standard Plus accommodations are located in the city centre and decorated to a very comfortable standard; Premium accommodations are located in excellent locations and decorated to a very high standard

What does en-suite room mean?

An Ensuite room is a room with a private bathroom. We offer Single Ensuite, Twin ensuite and Double Ensuite Rooms. 

Homestay / Host Families

Is there an opportunity to get in touch with the family before arrival?

Yes, once you have processed the booking confirmation and we have received your payment, we will send you a confirmation letter with the host details so you can make contact before arrival.

I want to know whether I need bed linen or towels etc.

Yes, all is included. However we will suggest to bring your own towels for hygiene purposes.

The payment of 350€ is only to book my room? Is it included in the total payment?

Your payment of €350 is to confirm your booking. It will be included in the total payment (not a deposit).

Direct Students - Is it possible to have at least two options so I can choose between them?

We will do our best to provide more than one homestay option. However, sometimes it is not possible due to different factors ie. location requested, allergies, booking period.

Should I make contact with the family before I arrive?

We always encourage students to contact the family before arrival. A short email or text will break the ice!

Is it possible to book this family without food?

Majority of our families provide half or full board option however we have few self catering families, who can be booked according to their availability.

How far do families live?

Host families are not located in the city centre. Average commuting time will be around 35-45 minutes by public transport.

Can I book a twin room, if I travel alone?

No. Unfortunately twin/shared room in homestay is just for two or three students travelling together (friends, couples, relatives). If you are coming to Dublin on your own you will need to book a single room.

Can I use the host families’s address for my Visa purposes?

Use of the address is not allowed without permission of the host family. Always ask the host before using the address for any purpose.

Can I pay monthly?

Unfortunately we do not accept monthly payments. However, for long term bookings, we can split your total payment in different parts.

How long does it take to find a family?

It really depends but we try to find you a host family as soon as possible. However, if your arrival date is far away (in few months or so) it may take a little longer. In that case we will send you a pre-booking and pay to pre-book your family and guarantee you an option around 6 weeks before your arrival.