Erasmus pubs in Dublin

Erasmus pubs in Dublin

Posted On 13/12/2016

Erasmus Pubs in Dublin

As we know Dublin is an expensive city to party if you are a student, English Student or just Erasmus, but also it is pretty fun! Here you will find 3 Erasmus pubs where you can find good deals  and they make Erasmus parties. I absolutely love them!!!

Dicey’s Garden

Erasmus pubs

Source: mintmag.ie

This pub is the cheapest pub in Dublin and it is very nice. You will find a large garden and many drink deals. You can find everyday drinks from €2 to €4 and meals from €2. Also, you can go there to have lunch during the week just for €5!!!!

Also, it is said that Monday is a great day to go to Dicey’s . This is because of more Irish people and Erasmus is going to there after class or work so it can be good for you if you want to meet local people. That day can be full of students as Monday is the only day that 18 age people are allowed to get in.

The club is composed by two inside rooms and a garden. You can watch important matches as one of the rooms dispose of big screens.

You can think that is weird to go to a club with a garden in a cold country as Ireland but you don’t have to be worry about the cold as there are heaters outside.

The pub is open from 4pm to 2.3 am every night and it is free until 7pm. You can find here the location of the pub.

If you are a student, definitely Dicey’s is your place!!! 


Howl at the moon

Erasmus Pubs

Source: TripAdvisor.com

Howl at the moon is another perfect Erasmus Pub in Dublin. The best day is Wednesday as most of the Erasmus frequents the place. Also, it is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You will find a 3 floors disco, cheap drinks and good music.

The entry is free until 9pm and after that time it is just €5.

All  drinks are €2.5 all the night on Wednesday and Thursday!!

You can find here the location of Howl at the moon.



Erasmus pubs

Source: dtwonightclub.com

This great  pub has a large garden which is situated over two floors with a capacity of up to 500 people which makes it spacious yet comfortable surroundings and offers full access into in our main bar and also our nightclub downstairs.

The Beer Garden is fully heated so you and your party are warm no matter what time of the year it is!

Also, you can order there Bbq food for a good price.

The entry is €5 after 10pm.

You will find Erasmus parties at this amazing pub!

I hope you enjoy these amazing Erasmus pubs!!

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