Christmas lights switch on in Dublin

Posted On 08/11/2016

Halloween decorations have been taken away to make way for the Christmas decoration. You can find in most of the shops of Dublin the Christmas decoration already set up. Also, they are already selling Christmas products. That is because Irish people love celebrations! But who is not excited about this wonderful party?

Christmas is coming to Dublin


 Soon you will find Christmas markets around Dublin and also the lights of the main streets will be turn on. This year you will find 160 crossovers and 3 light curtains which contain 50.000 bulbs of Christmas colours. 

We already now when the light switch on will take part!!! The first light switch on will be on 13th of November and the lights will be on until 7th of January.

Here are all the dates of the main street light lit:

Grafton Street — Sunday 13th of Noviembre

Henry Street — Thursday  17th of Noviembre

O’Connell Street — Sunday 27th of Noviembre

Smithfield– Thursday 24th of November 

Come to the main streets to see this spectacular switch on!!!



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