Best Rooftop Bars in Temple Bar

Posted On 02/07/2019

  • The Marker Hotel

Offers an inside and outside rooftop bar and a 360 degree view of Dublin. In the summer, the bar offers a menu with drinks and food that will cool you down and fill you up.

  • Sophie’s Restaurant and Bar

When the sun goes down and it becomes a little chilly, no need to worry because Sophie’s has got you covered. They offer blankets and heaters as the sun goes down. The rooftop bar also has daybeds so you can enjoy the sunset while relaxing!

  • BadBobs

If you are looking to dance the night away, this place is for you. They offer live music every night of the week! Pick one of the 5 floors to enjoy your 2 for €12 cocktails!

  • The Bar with No Name 

Spend an evening at one of Dublin’s most popular rooftop bars. This rooftop bar is open no matter the weather. They have large heated circus top coverings, so you will stay dry and warm no matter what.

  • Fitzsimons Hotel Temple Bar 

The rooftop at this hotel does not take reservations, so in order to get a table you must arrive a little early in the afternoon. Fitzsimons hotel rooftop bar is conveniently located across the street from The Temple Bar. It is Dublin’s only fully heated open-air bar. 

  • Vintage Cocktail Club

If you are looking for something outside the ordinary pub, this is a must. The speakeasy themed bar offers amazing drinks and food. The decor on the roof top makes it seem like you have traveled back in time for one of their speciality drinks!

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  • Fade St. Social

Just outside of Temple bar is the Fade St. Social. They offer an amazing selection of cocktails and food on their rooftop menu. Also, on tuesdays, is 2 cocktails for the price of 1! You don’t want to miss that deal!


Written by Joao R Freitas

Joao is from Porto (Portugal). He has a Background in Marketing & Economics. He currently Supervises Sales, Marketing and Business Development. For Any Question you might have he will have the Answer.

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