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Best Places for Lunch on a Sunny Day

Best Lunch Spots For a Sunny Day in Dublin

Sunny days in Ireland can certainly be far and few between, especially in the colder months. When those days do come, we all love to make the most of them. What’s a better way to spend lunch on a sunny day than outside in the city? With plenty of sights to see, Dublin is a terrific place to spend a day trip or even just a lunch hour. When it comes to deciding on a lunch spot, many of us may be overwhelmed with options, stuck in a daily lunch routine, or simply aren’t aware of the best spots to go. Here we have compiled a list of the best places to soak up that valuable sunlight.

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The Eatyard


Open Thursday-Sunday from 12 pm-10 pm, The Eatyard is a bright venue that features vendors from around the city. Experience not only food but music, art, and dance depending on what is featured that day. Located on 9-10 South Richmond St. along the portobello Canal, a trip here is sure to be a unique experience visit after visit. There are plenty of unique events to go to. Check out the Taco Battle on February 22nd and enjoy tacos, music, beer, and games while six great taco vendors compete to be the king of tacos.



If street food is not your thing, head on over to Sophie’s rooftop bar for a beautiful dining experience. Appreciate all of Dublin City with the 360-degree view of the town. Open for all meals on the weekdays, Sophies has delicious selections featuring a simple and delicious New York – Italian – Irish menu. Meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and dairy delivered daily by local suppliers. Overlooking Harcourt Street in Dublin 2, enjoy an ever-changing landscape from dusk ‘til dawn. 



 There’s something about being on the waterfront that makes for a wonderful view and place to eat. Angelina’s does it best as if you were any closer to the Grand Canal you’d be swimming in it. The Italian menu is perfectly sized, enough options for everyone to have an appealing dish, but not too large that you question its authenticity. It’s hard not to enjoy your meal in a venue like this.

Merrion Square Markets


This historic park is perfect for a stroll and a bite for lunch on a sunny day. Set up beside the walkway are stands and trailers of local eateries. The most stressful thing to be done here is deciding which meal to pick, all very reasonably priced. Take a stroll by the statue of Oscar Wilde who used to frequent to this park. Enjoy acres of greens and trees and get a relaxing bit of peace in the busy city of Dublin. During the summer months, take a trip on Thursday evenings to see a movie projected in the park. For only €5 you will be able to bring your blankets and chairs to watch a movie on the greens.

Bailey Bar


In Dublin City Center, the outdoor seating of Bailey’s is tremendous. Even on a chilly day, you will still see patron’s outside enjoying their food on the heated terrace. Gaze at the aesthetically pleasing buildings surrounding or see the busy street and do a bit of people watching.

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The Bernard Shaw


The Bernard Shaw is not just a restaurant, but a self-described art venue. With outdoor seating and colorful vibes, you can catch yourself staring off and exploring the place with your eyes. Having a bite to eat comes with no stress as it features a casual, broad menu with something for everyone; they even serve vegan pizza! You won’t find a place like this anywhere else -Simply Unique. Check out the local live music artists who hold events here. There are plenty of different genres so there is bound to be something for you to enjoy

St Stephen’s Green Park

This is Ireland’s Best known Victorian park. Created way back in 1644, he 22-acre park has been maintained with the original Victorian layout with the extensive perimeter tree and shrub design. The beautiful sights and sounds make it a perfect place to eat a take-away lunch or to just spend part of an afternoon. Stroll down the 3.5 km walkway and see the different historical statues and memorials.

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It doesn’t exactly matter where you go, what matters is that you go somewhere. The benefits of taking a walk and going outside on a nice day are not just good for the body. Activity in nice weather is wonderful for the mind and the soul. Just by going for a walk in nice weather can make for benefits like healthy brain activity. The important part is to find the time to pick somewhere to get you out of the house, office, library, or whatever obligations are keeping you indoors.

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