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Best Pizza in Dublin

Best Pizza in Dublin

Looking for authentic Italian pizza? Look no further, we have got you covered to find the best Pizza in Dublin! Here are a few of the highest-rated pizza places in Dublin!

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Coke Lane Pizza


  • Located directly next no Lucky’s pub, many locals would consider this pizza/pub combination to be a terrific place to grab a bite on the go. No need for reservations or table service, this casual stand is a modest take on city pizza. And also… Tomato sauce to DIE for!

Excellent sourdough pizzas served fresh from the hatch on the terrace of Luckys pub. Visit before 7pm and you can get pizza and a pint (or a glass of wine) for €13 – possibly the best bargain in town.” – Lonely Planet


Dublin Pizza Company



  • Dublin Pizza Company grows most of the ingredients they use creating a pizza with freshness difficult to find elsewhere in the city.

“A great place to grab a bite and go. Served from a wooden hatch, this is some of the best pizza in the city, helped by its woodfire oven and organic ingredients. If you’d rather sit down, you can take your pizza into the Swan Pub just up the road, or get it delivered to Fourth Corner.” – Lonely Planet




  • BEST Wood-fired Pizza with plenty of other delicious options as well.

“There are actually a bunch of different pizzas that are broken in to either Italian or New York style. The toppings are simple enough without having to go over the top to entice you in. Standard stuff… The other wow factor is that you can see your pizza being made and because the oven is so hot it can be ready in a couple of minutes depending on how busy the place is.” –LovinDublin



  • A simple but delicious Neapolitan pizza with the ambiance of upscale dining.

“…the char from the oven making them special in a way that pizzas at home can never be…Iterations range from a straightforward Margherita to a Quadrifoglio pizza featuring Young Buck, Hegarty’s Cheddar and Gubbeen, and a Daniele with spicy Gubbeen salami, mozzarella, provola cheese, and shiitake mushrooms. The signature pizza is the Carbonara, with mozzarella, egg, guanciale and black pepper… One is better than the next, and it is good to see a kitchen not so hamstrung by honoring tradition that it isn’t afraid to use great Irish ingredients.” –independent.ie



Manifesto is not only Dublin’s most authentic wood-fired pizza, much of Europe as well. According to Top50Pizzas, which takes into account reviews of 150 inspectors of authentic pizza restaurants all over Europe, Manifesto ranks 35th.

“The pizza dough itself is pleasantly springy, and they look beautiful. Their puffed up crusts give way to a slightly sunken valley, the perfect vessel for tasty toppings. There’s a wood-fired oven in the restaurant in full view, looking out onto Rathmines Road.” – totallydublin.ie



  • While many of the other restaurants on this list offer plenty of other entrees and sides besides pizza, Pi is not that, which you might be able to tell by the minimalistic name. They are a prime example of the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Simply, the pizza here will not leave you craving any other dish.

“The pizzas come out of the belly of the furnace with puffy crusts dotted with charred blisters in what’s known (fun fact) as “leoparding”. It makes the crust of these pizzas as good as the rest of them and gives a reason to order the dips, the only side on the menu, to make the very best of them. There’s meat on some of the pizzas but it’s from the less is better school, cured and spiced tasty bits of pig, like the Gubbeen chorizo on the salsiccia with piquillo peppers, as well as the tangy heat of pickled chillies.” –Irish Times

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Everyone’s tastes and preferences are different, but we believe you can’t go wrong picking from our list. Still don’t believe us? Try them for yourself and let us know what you think!


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