Best Pizza in Dublin

Posted On 18/07/2019

Looking for authentic italian pizza? Look no further, we have got you covered! Here are a few of the highest rated pizza places in dublin!

  • Coke Lane Pizza
    • Tomato sauce to DIE for!
  • Dublin Pizza Company 
    • This place grows most of the ingredients they use.
  • Paulies
    • The BEST wood fired pizza!
  • Cirillo’s
    • Simple but delicious pizzas!
Tripadvisor.com :
  • Manifesto
    • Dublin’s most authentic wood fired pizza.
  • Pi
    • The best crust, it is puffy and crispy!
Universitytimes.ie :

Written by Joao R Freitas

Joao is from Porto (Portugal). He has a Background in Marketing & Economics. He currently Supervises Sales, Marketing and Business Development. For Any Question you might have he will have the Answer.

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