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Best Phone Companies in Ireland

Best Phone Companies in Ireland

In 2020, smartphones and the Internet are considered necessities, especially when we are in an unfamiliar place. Technology is nowadays used just as much for fun and entertainment as it is used as a tool. We use our phones for connectivity to loved ones; creating, keeping, and maintaining relationships; and even navigating to unknown places. Having access to the internet while abroad can make for a much less stressful time, and help you further learn about the area you are in. Everyone gets lost from time to time and having a useful navigation system can be the difference in finding your way.  Depending on where you are geographical can depend on the type of phone plan that would be best for you. Here are some best phone companies Ireland has to offer.


Vodafone is the largest and most advanced network in Ireland. They are the most widespread throughout the country and even offer free 4G LTE roaming, so you will even be covered outside of the country. Even-so, this does not mean Vodafone will definitely have the best coverage in your area. There are also plenty of providers who can offer better prices for similar services. According to speed tests conducted by ComReg, Vodafone’s Average 4G internet speed tops off at 18.3Mb. Their 3G speed averages 11.6 Mb which places them as the fastest 3G Speed in Ireland. Vodafone is a very safe plan to choose just because of the pure size of the infrastructure. It is very possible another company will be able o provide a less expensive option for you.


Three Network is the only network that offers ‘unlimited data’ so if that is essential to you this is likely your only option. Like Vodaphone, they run on their own infrastructure, but the Three Company does not have nearly the amount of reach as for them. Running on their own towers does make them one of the best phone companies in Ireland. Although they offer unlimited, coverage can be spotty at times. Ever since they merged with O2 in 2014 they have had a hard time transitioning to their audience size. Still, if you are going to be located in a big city and need unlimited data, this is for you. Three Network offers 4G speed at 18.3 Mb. This is identical to Vodafone’s 4G speed, although their 3G speed falls short at 10.0 Mb. This means if you are already in an area with slower internet speeds, it is going to be especially slow compared to the other networks.


48 is a very appealing option for students. They offer bundle plans that are both inexpensive and include a lot of data to use. You will receive full call, text, and data. The service provides internet through the 3 networks so it would be likely for you to expect similar coverage that they offer, just in cheaper bundles. You can choose between a €10, 15€, and €20 plan, each offering a different amount of data, calling, and texts. The best part is, you can change these at any time. One month you can choose 20€, another month you can choose the €10 plan. You have all of the power! The difference between the €10 plan and the €15 plan is 22 More Gb of data! Huge difference for 5 extra Euro! If you are planning on travelling outside of Ireland, you can receive free-roaming with just the €10 a month plan. This may not be the best option coverage-wise but it is certainly unmatched for flexibility.

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Eir is the last network with its own towers to provide from. They are the only pure ‘Irish’ network which certainly comes with a sense of pride in the country. They are a similar competitor to Vodafone. Eir does have slightly better coverage in rural populations, so if that is essential for you this is the plan to look into. When traveling in Ireland it is almost impossible to not cross through some relatively rural and open spaces. Eir is Faster than Vodaphone and the Three company in the 4g segment. It does fall short in the 3G area which would likely be the more frequent type of coverage in rural areas. Overall, If what your looking for is speed then Eir is the way to go.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is Ireland’s Most Affordable network for texts and calls. The issue is that nowadays for most of our phones capabilities we’re used to you must be connected to the internet. Those who use a lot of data would be better suited for a plan that provides a data allowance. What they do offer however is data rollover. This means if you don’t use your allotted data for a month, you will be able to use that much extra next month. If you can use up to 2Gb in a given month but you only use one, then you will be able to use up to 3Gb in the next month without and extra charges.  For the simple users who just need to call and text, Virgin Media is a viable option.

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No matter which plan you choose, it should feel like a necessity to be able to communicate over the phone in another country. If for anything, you should do it out of safety. You never know what will happen in an unfamiliar place, and in the worst moment you will be thankful you were able to contact someone.

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