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The best Italian places where to drink a Spritz in Dublin

Are you in Dublin on vacation or to study? Summer is here and there is nothing more beautiful, after a day of study or visits, you sit at a table and enjoy the typical Italian aperitifs.

In fact, in Dublin, especially in the heart of the city, in Temple Bar, there are many Italian cafes, where you can taste all the typical products of the Mediterranean country.  In addition, there are also local Italian restaurants, they are typically from the different regions of Italy, from north to south, from Emilia to Sicily…


For Italian students that miss the ¨Bella Italia¨ would be a lovely experience to find these typical Italian cafés in Dublin. A place where to enjoy a delicious Italian Spritz (an Italian cocktail) with the typical aperitif and share their culture with their new International friends.  

It is a good experience and recommended 100% to visit the Italian cafés as you can find delicious food and special Italian cocktails which are fantastic!

In Italy, typically, people go after work to enjoy a good Spritz and some aperitivo.

The most typical is the Aperol Spritz but also you can find the Campari Spritz which is bitter. This is basically the Aperol or Campari mixed with Prosecco and Soda.

Below you will find a list of the main wine bars or restaurants that serve the aperitif, you can choose anything you like, from the terrace, the romantic little place.


Typical Italian wine bar with a fine selection of specialities, and offer a lovely dinner. Can try more different Italian Wine or beer. If you can try, they offer a typical Italian dinner, with a typical plate or typical pizza. Typical Italian atmosphere, pleasant and friendly. A chance to stand on the terrace.

For the reviews is a very good place, many Italian reviews said it did not even seem to be in Dublin such was the Italian atmosphere.


Tutto molto buono, prodotti di prima scelta. Per un momento ci si dimentica di essere a Dublino, e si respira l’atmosfera di casa.”

“All very good, top quality products. For a moment you forget to be in Dublin and you breathe the atmosphere of the house.”


Location: Italian quarter Bloom’s Lane, Dublin 1

For Info: http://www.wallacewinebars.ie/


A historical place of the Italian south over 2 levels, one for a bar and one for the restaurant, more precisely in the Campania, with specialities typical of this region. Can drink Italian cocktails with a typical Neapolitan pizza. Italian atmosphere, friendly and familiar as only Italy can give those in the south, with wooden tables and chairs, the style copied from different premises in the centre of Naples. Furthermore, can try a typical Italian breakfast or Italian coffee.

It’s a very good place, in fact, all reviews give a more positive judgment.


“I have eaten here several times when in Dublin. The atmosphere, food and service are very good and I will certainly visit again.”


It’s located in 41 Westland Row, Dublin 2.

Price: Spritz €7.00, Bellini €8.00, Campari €9.00

For info: http://www.napoli.ie/


Modern Italian Restaurant, offer quality Italian food Also they offer the Italian atmosphere with the modernity of New York style. Can try a typical italian cocktail or a international drinks. Can found a Typical Italian plates revisited in an international way. Located in the heart of Dublin, Temple Bar, the place is in a very nice area.

“It is very very good, the portions are good and prices are reasonable. Really really enjoy that place, gets pretty busy so you have to book in advance.”


Price: Prosecco Cocktails €8.50, Negroni €11.00

For info: http://www.sanlorenzos.ie/


Bellucci’s is a New York style Italian restaurant, offering a great Italian food, Italian Wine and Italian cocktails. Authentic Italian Local, an experience to try more and more times. Local not suitable for families, but mostly for couples or small groups of friends. Furthermore and also a renowned lake restaurant. It’s located in 22-30 Merrion Road, Dublin 4.


“Really great service in a very nice room, interesting and authentic Italian menu and wine list. Very amenable service, food quality very good. Overall a very good meal.”


Price: Italian Cocktails €10.00, Sparkling Cocktails €9.00

For info: http://www.bellucci.ie/


It is a typical Italian wine bar, can try specialities of the italian kitchen. Can find a typical Italian atmosphere. You can find a variety of specialities unlike pasta, wraps, bruschetta and much more accompanied with wine or Italian cocktails. It’s located in city centre, 1 Liffey Street Lower, Dublin 1.

“Tutto buono dagli affettati ai panini, al caffe e dal servizio…vado sempre li quando ho voglia di un vero panino italiano,sentire i profumi di casa. Lo staff come sempre e molto gentile soddisfa ogni tua richiesta.”

“All good from meats to sandwiches, the coffee and the service… I always go there when I feel like a real Italian sandwich, feeling the home smells. The staff as always very kind and meets all of your needs.”


For info: http://www.ilfornaio.ie/enoteca/



You can find the authentic taste of Naples Also in Dublin, All products come from the beautiful country and practically, and How to be in Italy also thanks to the typical Italian atmosphere.
Here you can sample typical Italian aperitifs formats from classic drink or cocktail, and diversification by platters of cold cuts and cheeses Chosen at your pleasure. Every Saturday from to 9:00 pm live music with DJ Zoe. It’s located in 59 South Great Georges Street.


“Piccolo, accogliente, piatti ottimi, menù ricco di prelibatezze italiane e pizza squisita. Locale super cool e personale gentilissimo. Prezzi buoni.

Visita consigliata.”

“Small, friendly and great food, a rich menu of Italian delicacies and delicious pizza. Place super cool and super friendly staff. Good price. Visit recommended.”


Price: Spritz €7.20, Campari/Martini €5.25.

For info: http://caffeamore.ie/

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