How to Avoid Conflicts with Your Roommates

Posted On 16/08/2017

Keep the peace in your apartment by doing these things!

Living with other people is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes having a lot of different people living under one roof can cause tensions to run high. Maybe one of your roommates likes to play music while they get ready in the morning. Or maybe you like to watch a certain TV show every Wednesday night, but your roommate hasn’t caught up on the latest season of the show. Maybe you bought a big box of chocolates for yourself, but one of your roommates thought it was for the apartment to share. Whatever the case may be, sometimes these small issues can lead to disputes, which is what we don’t want to happen. Take a few minutes to read over this list and see how you can implement these into your apartment. Be mindful of others , because it’s their experience too.


  1. Communicate- this one is the most important! This is the key to any good friendship, relationship, or partnership. You have to communicate with each other about what you want, what you don’t like, and when you’re upset, etc. That being said, make sure that you communicate with your roommates. This can look anything like asking your roommates if they want to all go out to dinner together. This could also be asking about who left the half-eaten salad on the table. This could even be asking if anyone has an extra roll of toilet paper that you can have. Make sure to communicate with each other because this will help to make things more comfortable 
  2. Clean up after yourself- Hopefulley you know that living here on your own means you are responsible for yourself. Be courteous of others and clean up any messes that you make. Wash the dishes that you in the sink a few days ago. Take your clothes off of the drying rack when they are dry. Throw out your old food. Try to keep everything as clean as possible in order to a) have a clean place to live and b) avoid making your roommates mad with your actions. 
  3. Plan your schedules- this doesn’t mean your roommates need to know everything that you are doing at all times (unless of course, you want it that way) but if you know that you are going to be out late one night or if you know that you need to shower in the morning before you give a big presentation, it may be smart to tell your roommates that, so they can plan around you. This doesn’t always mean that your roommates should be required to plan everything around your schedule because that would not be fair, so take turns adjusting your schedule little extra time doing something
  4. Laundry- going along with the communication and planning, sometimes the laundry can take a while to get done
  5. cleaning it actually will help to keep conflict down t=if you are able to keep youre rooma and areaa clean. Sure you dont havr toget out the mop and duter every day, but judt keeping your thingd tidy cn help to not get frustaraeted with each other about a mees
  6. Be flexible- If you come from a home with other siblings, you definitely know the feeling of having to share. Realize that you will have to take turns using the kitchen, washing machine, bathroom, and other things. Be considerate of your roommates, though. If you are using the washing machine every day when your roommate gets home, he or she may be frustrated because that is the only time they can use it. So, as said before communicate woth each other to work something out that works for both of your schedules.

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