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A Little Bit More About International Student Accommodation.

Accommodation for International Students in Dublin and Ireland

Hi! We are an International Student Accommodation based in Dublin City.

Before student accommodation agencies came into existence in Dublin, students had limited options and had to deal with the stressful situation of staying in a hostel until they found a residence where they could live during their study period in Ireland.

However, without knowing that, finding accommodation in Dublin can be quite challenging because of the limited option. Students, particularly those who planned to stay for a short period of time, ended up staying in houses in terrible condition, becoming victims of rental scams or even having to go back to their home country.

International Student Accommodation in Dublin has been around since 2012  providing the solution for such problems by offering a full range of accommodation options, including Home Stay (Host Family), Student Residences, shared accommodation, and City Host.

Whatever your accommodation preference is, we have a friendly multilingual team of experts who will ensure that you have a place that suits your needs for you to make the most out of your studying adventure in Ireland!

ISA – Accommodation Solutions:
  • Universities & Private Colleges
  • English Language Schools – Individuals or Groups
  • International agencies
  • Internship agencies
  • Cultural groups
  • Junior Summer Camps
  • Immersion with Irish Family
ISA Nowadays
  • More than 20 Properties, a total of 150 Beds
  • Options of large houses and small apartments
  • More than 650 Host Families in Dublin, Cork and Galway.
  • We provide accommodation for 3,000+ students every year.

ISA Team

Rory Butler


Rory started International Student Accommodation in 2012 to provide an easy accommodation option for students coming to Ireland. He is passionate about finding the right accommodation solution for every student, and making sure everyone enjoys Ireland as much as he does.

Sam Connell 

General Manager

Sam is from Dublin. With 20 years’ experience in the Educational Travel sector. Sam supervises the company operations and is responsible for all office based staff, assisting the Accommodation Manager to implement improvements to service levels.

Noelle Klafke

Residence Operations Manager

Noelle is from Brazil. She relocated to Dublin in 2010 to have new experiences. She is our Residence Operations Manager, in charge of all our Residence from your first enquiry to making sure you have the best experience Dublin can offer you!

Florie Clement

Homestay Assistant & Recruiter

Florie is from France. She relocated to Dublin in 2018. She is the point of contact with families and will manage your bookings.


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