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The Top 9 Benefits of Sharing a Bedroom

Top 9 Benefits of Sharing a Room

Sharing a bedroom is probably very common for many students, especially in DublinIt’s easier and more affordable when you are searching for places shared with other people and the residences are mostly located in The Best Areas in the City Centre. Since I moved to Dublin, I’ve shared a room with people from almost everywhere on this planet, Russian, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Italians, Argentinian, Brazilian and Dutch. Honestly, I never thought the benefits of sharing a bedroom would be so important for my development and have such a positive impact on myself. 

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Before having opted to live abroad, I had no idea where I was going to step in and all the challenges I was going to face. For someone who had their own room since childhood, always living in their own little world, this was definitely a very scary decision, but nothing stopped me from doing it. When I decided to move to Dublin, I also made the decision to leave the old me behind, become more open to new experiences and meeting new people. 

Therefore, Renting a Twin Room sounded like a great idea to push myself way far outside of my comfort zone and enrich my adventure. I was totally right about it! I met new people straight from the beginning easily, had someone to go out with and saved more money for my trips. I’m sure I wouldn’t have made so many friends for life, have as many great memories, learned so many things about other cultures and myself if I wasn’t open for it. Of course, it wasn’t a bed of roses all the time, but it was great enough for not to regret any single second about it. 

Some people may opt for more privacy while studying for a number of reasons, which I totally understand. However, my advice is at least try it and be fully open to expose yourself to uncomfortable situations. When you experience new things, you become a more confident person, more adaptable to changes, improve your creativity and learning in the long run. Believe me, sharing a room plays a crucial role in that!

Take a look at the 9 benefits of sharing a bedroom with other students when living in Dublin. I hope this opens your heart and encourages you to dive right into the same adventure!

1. Save Money


Sharing a bedroom implies that you will not only share the same space, you’ll also share the rent. The price of your room will be significantly reduced at the end of each week (or month). If you’re lucky, maybe your new Rommie is also up to split the costs for supplies for the house, food, etc. This means you can save what it’s left for yourself for other, more fun things.

This benefit of sharing a bedroom means you’ll have some extra cash for traveling when you are on holiday. Traveling around the country and the continent was the best way to spend my extra cash. Thanks to my roommate, I got to visit all the main places in Ireland and several countries in Europe.  

Or perhaps, you would like to go more often for dinner in nice restaurants, go to the cinema,  go shopping, etc. Whatever your priority is. As a matter of fact, saving money is never a bad idea!

2. Easier to find a Bedroom

If you’d like to start your new life abroad without being worried about housing and ensuring to have a roof over your head straight before you come, then booking a twin room online in advance may be the best option. The chances of availability are higher, and there are more Twin Rooms in Dublin than you may think. It is a common way for students to live in Dublin.

3. Bigger Social Network


One of the best benefits of sharing a bedroom is meeting new people. Think about it, your new Rommie is the first person you’ll be close to within the Emerald Island.  Since they’ll already become your friends from the beginning, the chances to meet people quicker are even bigger. They’ll have their own group of friends and their friends can become yours too. You will probably find out that you start hanging with friends of friends, as well as friends of friends of friends!

If your roommate is from a different country, it’s even better! You’ll probably end up like me, making friends for life and from around the whole world in a very short time!

4. You Won’t Feel Lonely

Living by yourself far away from home, family and friends may be the scariest decision you’ll ever make. Having a roommate means you’ll always have someone you can count in those lonely periods everyone faces when living abroad, especially at the beginning.  If they also have just moved to Dublin, the connection between both of you’ll be even stronger. You’ll share a unique experience, facing the same adaptation challenges, difficulties with the language, culture, adventures and share the same bedroom.

Additionally, in those rainy on cold days, you’ll always have someone to watch movies with, go to the gym, do shopping, or if you enjoy partying on the weekends, they will definitely be the first person you’ll ask to join you. Since Dublin will be a new city for both of you, exploring the places together with your Roomie will be even more fun! 

5. Form Strong Bond With People


Building a stronger relationship with people is part of human nature and the positive impacts on our lives can be diverse. Nowadays, our fast-paced lives, with worries and technology is our major challenge, affecting our ability to form better social ties. Connecting with others can help us to be more creative, resilient, reduce stress and even have a longer life. 

When you live abroad, the process of developing better relationships with others can become even harder, and students tend to isolate themselves, spend most of their time talking to their friends online back in their home country, not valuing people they meet here.

Share a Student Residence With Other International Students.

Therefore, opting for a twin bedroom is a way to force yourself to bond with people, since you’ll be in a frequently shared space, you are more likely to see the other person every day, making both to feel more comfortable with each other and immediately intimate friends. 

The more closely we are connected with people, the happier we feel and the more satisfied we are with our lives. The benefits of sharing a bedroom can make something different of a regular abroad experience.

6. Get Help With Your Studies


Helping each other with your coursework is another great advantage of having a roommate. If you are both in the same class, you will have help with difficult subjects, borrow books from each other or study for exams together. Studying with someone can help you gain an understanding of a subject better, learn more effectively a get better grades.

Your roommate can also be the one reading through your essays, doing corrections, helping you get new ideas or giving you some real feedback about it.

One study mate is better than none, right?


7. Learn How to Cope With Changes


Your roomie may play a crucial role in improving your mindset to become a more adaptable person. 

In a shared room you will learn that there will be problems and the best way to live in peace is by finding the most appropriate solution which can benefit both sides. It’ll help you to accept other people’s differences and opinions more naturally and that the world doesn’t only revolve around one person, therefore, readjusting to your surroundings will be the best way to live in harmony. 

The ability to adapt to changes is on of the benefits of sharing a bedroom that you will use not only from a business perfective, as well as to your success in life. Being flexible can make your life easier in many ways, you will learn how to keep on going even under tough circumstances, you will gain more discipline, accept different perspectives and become a more positive person. Most importantly, you’ll stop being a victim of your own life and focus more on ways to improve the situation instead.

The sooner we learn to be willing to change the better because life won’t stay the same forever!

8. Practice Your English


To achieve fluency in a foreign language takes a lot of time and effort, I have to say it’s extremely hard to keep yourself motivated and be persistent at the beginning. If you came to Dublin with the purpose to study English and improve your speaking skills, then nothing better than feeling forced to communicate! Therefore, having a Roomie is a great way to ensure you’ll use the language and practice your speaking and listening every day!

Since you and your Roomie will become intimate, you won’t have speaking blockage issues or feel uncomfortable to make any grammar mistakes when talking to each other. In the end, you’ll notice how talkative you’ll become on your second language, making it come out more naturally each day. You’ll be surprised how your fluency and vocabulary will improve in a short amount of time. 

If you are sharing a room with someone who also has a different mother tongue, this may also be your chance to become trilingual! Obviously, I’m not fluent in every language of all my previous roommates, but I’ve learned the basics and would be able to say at least “Hi” on their mother tongue.

I definitely recommend a shared room for English students or any person interested in languages. Learning language can be one of the most useful benefits of sharing a bedroom you have for your whole life. You have to be smart and make the most of every opportunity. Buona fortuna! удачи!


9. Protected From Scams


With so many choices, the risk of getting scams has never been higher. Therefore, renting your twin room with a Student Accommodation Agency may be the best option to ensure you are protected against any type of fraud since you can easily find out from the beginning whether they exist or not, by taking a look at their website, Social Media Accounts, etc.

Knowing where to live, can have a big impact during your stay. Before moving, I searched for accommodation everywhere you can imagine online, social media, many trusted platforms in Ireland such as Housing Anywhere, Spotahome, etc. Till I came across Student Accommodation in Dublin and realized that this would be the best option when it comes to safety, ensuring a permanent place to stay, having a residence located close to the city centre, completely furnished, ensure that most people I’d share the house with would-be students like me and guarantee that I’d stay in a bedroom with a person of the same gender.

Now that you know the perks of sharing a bedroom with someone, don’t hesitate to take a look at our at our  Twin Bedrooms Available in Dublin City Centre!

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