The 12 pubs of Christmas

the 12 pubs of Christmas

Posted On 09/12/2016

The 12 pubs of Christmas

If you are in this dates around Dublin probably you will be wondering why people go in pubs wearing a Christmas jumper. It has a very good explanation. These people are doing The 12 Pubs of Christmas. It has become somewhat of an Irish tradition in recent years. Like eating turkey and pulling crackers, one must also participate in the ’12 pubs’ in order for Christmas to be complete.

If you don’t have any idea about what it consists you will find out it soon!


General rules:

Christmas jumper

Source: now-here-this.timeout.com

1. Visit 12 pubs in one evening.

2. Have just ONE drink per pub (no more than one).
3. ONLY spend 30 minutes in each pub.
4. Everyone must wear a Christmas jumper. 
5. Drink a pint of water every 4 pubs (we don´t want anyone to die on the way).

The most important rule is wearing a Christmas jumper. It has to be the most ridiculous and ugliest.  You can buy it in some shops such as Pennys, Lidl and Tesco. Even you can find a jumper with Christmas lights!!!

Apart from wearing a Christmas jumper, you have to make 12 rules, one for each pub. My friends, ISA team and I did last weekend The 12 pubs and here are the rules we use:


The 12 pubs rules:

One rule per pub. If someone breaks the rule has to swing their drink in one drink.
1. The left-hand pub – drink with the hand you don´t use.
2. The no swearing pub – no swearing.
3. The no names pub – no names or nicknames are allowed.
4. The accent pub – you have to speak with an accent different than yours.
5. The Christmas song pub – the last one that gets to the pub has to sign a Xmas song  chosen by the rest of the group.
6. The arm pub – drinking from someone else´s arm.
7. The no toilet pub –  no toilets breaks.
8. The compliment pub – say a compliment to a stranger.
9. The shot pub – everybody must have a shot.
10. The no phone pub – nobody is allowed to use their phones.
11. The Guinness pub – you have to call the barman ” Guinness”, for example, ”Can I have a pint of Heineken please, Guinness?”. If he gives you a pint of Guinness you have to drink it.
12. The celebration pub – you get there and still alive! no rules just celebrate and enjoy!


You have to make a list of 12 pubs. We made our own list as we love these pubs but you also can find some examples of pub’s list and of rules. You must do it in this exact order and we must try to not to lose anyone on the way. If we can not go into a pub for whatever reason, just change with the pub beside.
12 pubs of Christmas
1. Dicey’s Garden.
2. Bleeding Horse.
3. Capitol.
4. P Mac’s.
5. No name bar.
6. Hogans.
7. The George.
8. Porter House.
9. Norseman,
10. The Quays.
11. The Ha’penny Bridge Inn.
12. Morgans.
We just were able to get in 6 pubs as we were a big group and we broke the rule of being just 30 minutes in each pub!! This is why that rule is so important!!!!  So it is important to start early as most of the pubs in Dublin close at 2 am.
Another advice is to don’t show your Christmas jumper to the doorman of the pubs and they will not allow you to get in the pub!

Don’t worry if you are not able to finish the 12 pubs. Even Irish people can’t finish!!!

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