Halloween Parties schedule

As you know Irish people love to celebrate Halloween. This celebration is the party most expected and most popular of Dublin. Why do we have to celebrate this day just once if you can be partying during all the week??!! You will find in this post all the information about Halloween parties in Dublin which Read more about Halloween Parties schedule[…]

Halloween is almost here – Events

The most important party of the year will take part soon. Halloween is the favorite party of Irish people so they start to celebrate it one week in advance. They love to dress up and  they decorate their houses with Halloween items such as ghosts, spiders and pumpkins. If you live in a house it Read more about Halloween is almost here – Events[…]

Halloween costumes and make up ideas

Where you can buy a Halloween costume? If you don’t know where you must to buy a great Halloween costume you can find on the map below some costume shops that you can find in Dublin. You can buy a Halloween costume from €12 approximately. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money I Read more about Halloween costumes and make up ideas[…]

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