My experience in a host family in Dublin

Marie 20 years from Germany explains her experience

I stayed in Dublin for four weeks in a host family. It was a great experience for me and I can recommend to you.

host family experience in dublinI lived in Clondalkin, which is about 10 km away from the city center. Although it is a little bit far from the city center, there are  good transport connections. My host family was typical old Irish couple. They are so friendly and nice.

I had my own room and was free to leave and come home whenever I want. They were really keen to make me a wonderful time in Dublin.

I didn’t know how to arrive at the office where I was doing my internship so they explained me so well the way I had to take from home to here. They showed me the bus stop where I had to take my bus and also which station I had to get off the bus. It was very nice to know, that I could always ask them for help.

I think this experience was great to improve my English because I have always had to speak English with them and I have learned a lot of words you use daily, for example in the kitchen. Moreover, the TV was always in English and turning on the subtitles was so helpful to that helped me to understand t it. I have learned Irish traditions such as we ate the barmbrack for Halloween. Also, I met other family members like their grandchild who was absolutely nice. These are experiences you didn’t reach when you live on your own or in a shared apartment.

For those weeks they include me into their family and I feel myself like in my own home.  


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