Day Trips from Dublin

Making Day Trips from Dublin

Ireland’s beauty is unlike any other place in the world; the varying landscapes make it unforgettable. From the rocky coastline to the vibrant rolling hills, you are bound to see some of the prettiest sights ever. However, you wont be able to experience the full beauty of the country by staying in Dublin. And though we love Dublin dearly, we encourage you to get out of the city and explore the rest of the country.

Check out some of the most popular places to visit from the list below. First, pick a place (or places) that you want to visit. Next, plan how you will get there (a bus tour, a train, or renting a car, etc.) Finally, go visit; get to see the beauty of this country before you have to leave!


Cities to visit:


1. Cork

2. Killarney

3. Bray

4. Limerick

5. Sligo

6. Kinsale

7. Waterford

8. Belfast

9. Kilkenny

10. Galway


Sights to see:


1. Dingle Peninsula

2. Ring of Kerry

3. The Burren

4. Aran Islands

5. Cliffs of Moher

6. The Rock of Cashel

7. Giant’s Causeway

8. Blarney Castle

9. Wicklow Mountains

10. Newgrange

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