Erasmus host family

Erasmus in a Host Family

Your Erasmus in an Irish Host Family Are you ready for one of the best experiences abroad of your life? Are you looking to discover a new culture and practice your English? Then International Student Accommodation is your best option. We have a large number of host families available ready to accommodate you whilst you attend Read more about Erasmus in a Host Family[…]

Where To Go for an Original Irish Breakfast

Where to go for an original Irish breakfast When you´re staying in Dublin you have to try a full Irish breakfast at least once. It´s just delicious and a really good comfort food which will be the perfect start for your day. You can find it in various cafés and restaurants in Dublin and it´s Read more about Where To Go for an Original Irish Breakfast[…]

Top 10 Famous Monuments in Dublin

Top 10 Famous Monuments in Dublin Do you want to learn something about the history of Ireland and would like to get to know more about important personalities of the country too? Well, Dublin got you covered with its various monuments and statues. You will get to know some of the most formative Irish personalities Read more about Top 10 Famous Monuments in Dublin[…]

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