Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday is coming with the best deals of the year this Friday (24th November)! Originally from the US, it now also gains ground in Ireland and in other countries. It´s seen as a starting shot for the christmas shopping season and you can find huge discounts on this day and in the week before, sometimes even up to 80%.

In this post you will find out what Black Friday is about, where you can find great deals as well as some tips how to be successful on Black Friday. Moreover, you get to know what Cyber Monday is.


What is Black Friday?


Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving or the fourth Friday in November. Many stores will offer huge discounts on their products. This annual day is celebrated since 1952 and the custom comes from the US. It´s called “Black” Friday”, because the stores are getting in the black, so they’re making profits. It’s also not so uncommon that there are fights or chaos in stores for products with huge discounts like TVs. The people sometimes fight for the reduced products, so there have been a couple of injuries already.


Where can I find discounts?


A lot of Irish companies will have discounts, from airlines to grocery stores and fashion brands. Especially online shopping kicks of at Black Friday, so keep an eye on websites like Amazon or on websites from big stores like Smyths Toys, Argos or Debenhams. Some companies already announced their deals or started to offer discounts, but most of them will wait until Friday so keep an eye on their websites or social media accounts.


Tips for Black Friday

  • Be quick: It’s recommendable to go shopping in the morning, because the best deals might be sold out in the afternoon. Furthermore, some online deals will be sold out in seconds, so don’t hesitate if you really want a product and it has a good discount.
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    Mind hidden costs: Look out for expensive shipping costs or other costs that might reduce your savings.

  • Discounts are there the whole week: Some companies will offer discounts during the whole week and on the weekend. So don’t just focus on the Friday. 
  • Do your research: Before you buy a product it´s sometimes better to look, if you can find it anywhere else cheaper, especially on Black Friday when most of the companies will have huge discounts.
  • Make a list what you really need: This is probably one of the most important tips, because it prevents you from buying something that you don’t even need. So make a list and search for these particular products and don´t buy everything that seems nice to you in this moment. 
  • Plan your budget: By doing this you will prevent to spend too much money and you have something as an orientation for you, how much you have spent already.
  • Know where you want to go: Think before in which stores you want to go. If you just stray around without a particular destination, you will lose a lot of time and maybe the opportunity to make some good deals.


Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday. Especially online retailer have good discounts on this day. It’s the end of this massive shopping weekend and you will find again some huge discounts. So don´t buy everything on Black Friday and keep a bit of your budget for Cyber Monday. You will find a wide range of products with discounts, but mostly on electronic goods and technology.  


Best of luck for Black Friday!!!