Best places for lunch on a sunny day

  • The Eatyard

If you are looking for good music and great food, give this place a visit! They offer lots of food options and even have a vegan food truck!

  • Sophies

This restaurant is perfect for lunch outside because they have a huge rooftop lounge perfect for any event!
  • Angelinas

Located alongside the Dublin City Canal, escape the busy city at this restaurant!
  • Nolita 

A New York style restaurant with a beautiful outdoor terrace!
  • Merrion Square Markets 

Stop by every thursday to enjoy your lunch in Merrion Square! There are several food trucks/tents with lots of different options to choose from!
  • Bailey Bar 

Located just off of grafton street! This place has lots of outdoor eating and lots of food to choose from!
  • The Bernard Shaw 

Not hard to miss this place because of its insane exterior! It is one big blue bus located next to the Eatyard!
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