8 Essential Items to Pack when Coming to Ireland

Whether you are coming to Dublin for your University, Erasmus or English School Programme, prepare to move to a different country can be quite a challenge.  You first need to be mentally ready and sure that you made the right decision, then you have to find out where you are going to study and also look for a student accommodation to live. But there is something we tend not to give that much importance and usually leave for the last few days, which is: packing the bags. Yes, I have done the same! It can be very stressful, especially if you are a materialistic person like me and would bring your entire bedroom in your bag if you could. Unfortunately, we don’t have Felix the Cat’s magic bag and we need to select everything well and learn to be more minimalist in order to make your stuff in the bags.

For this reason, I have selected only 8 items which you cannot live without here in Ireland. I know that you may be feeling right now like you are moving to another planet or something “What are the things I would use there which I do not use here?!” No, you are not going to space or Mars. I just would like to remind you of important things that you might use here more often than in your home country.

Are you ready?

Here we go: 

1 Rain Jacket

The climate in Ireland is famous for being very unpredictable – we do have four seasons in one day (rain,rain, a bit of sun and, maybe, more rain). You should know that having a really good rain jacket will be an essential peace in your wardrobe, you will definitely wear it almost everyday. Speaking about my own experience, I did not bring a rain jacket with me, but I thought an umbrella would be more than enough. Well, I had forgotten one very important detail… The wind! Yes, the wind in Ireland is out of this world! Especially in winter time. I have seen wheelie bins being blown by the wind in the streets, birds struggling to fly in the sky and even people having trouble to walk. Seriously, my umbrella did not last one day. Be ready for that!

2 Umbrella

You might be a bit confused right now after having read about my experience. But I forgot one thing, an umbrella can be very useful for when the wind is not too strong, like summer time. In my opinion, you should get a bubble umbrella, since it covers almost half of your body and it is less likely to invert from the wind.You must be willing to spend in a really good Umbrella!

3 Shoes/ Boots

Yes, it is all about avoid getting wet here! Very comfy and waterproof shoes should be already in your feet the day you are coming to the Emerald Isle. I never thought I would walk so much in my life. When you are living in Dublin, you get so used to going anywhere by feet that you kind forget that bus or car exist. Maybe it comes because once you are in the city centre, every place you want to go seems to be nearby. That is why I recommend bringing at least one pair of very comfortable shoes. If you are a big fan of boots like me, then you will be happy to know that you can wear them everyday if you want to ( even in summer). Boots are perfect, because they can protect your legs from the cold wind and rain, not forgetting to mention that they are also very stylish. Make sure your shoes are waterproof, since it is not new to anyone that it rains most of the time in Ireland. In this case, opt for leather or welly boots.

4 Hiking Shoes/ Hiking trousers

If you are a very active person, looking for adventures or, perhaps, you will be once you are here. Believe me, I was not that adventures before moving here, the maximum I had ever done was walking on the beach in the mornings. But there are so many breathtaking landscapes and cool places to go hiking in Ireland that, if this is not your type of thing, it will become. Therefore, those two items can be very useful.

5 Warm jacket

You can always sense when the winter is coming to Ireland, the day gets shorter, the sky is mostly gray, it rains more often than ever, the wind is way stronger and you can kind smell the dead walkers arriving. You would not want to spend those days without a super warm and windproof jacket.Better than this, make sure you bring a warm,windproof,dead walkers proof, beer proof and waterproof jacket.

6 Trousers

Do not jump into the plane without trousers! Firstly, because the guards might impede you to get into the airport and, secondly, because you will definitely wear them every single season of the year in Ireland!

7 Socks, Gloves, Hat and Scarf

You will wear more socks than anything else here. You should bring with you even summer socks. You may want to carry a spare sock in your bag every time you go out, just in case your feet get wet, wear them to sleep on cold nights, etc. I also recommend buying a leather pair of gloves, so you will not have your hands soaked because of the rain. 

8 Travel Adapter

In Ireland the power plugs and sockets are the same as the British one, of type G. Do not ask me why, maybe it is just to make our lives harder. You may find these adapters at the airport or online. I bought a universal one, which is very handy and I can bring it to any country.

Being a student living in Dublin can be one of the most enriching decisions you can ever take in your life, this magic city is replete with history, music, multicure, friendly people, incredible landscapes, well preserved castles and pubs (lots of them)! 

Do pack everything from the list before coming, but do not ever forget to bring those two more important things within you: Your open mind to dive into new adventures, explore new cultures and make new friends. Lastly, a more positive attitude toward life to help you face challenges, achieve your goals and,most important, keep a smile on your face. 

Make sure you have everything ready before moving to the Emerald Isle. I wish you guys all the best of luck with your studies and that this experience brings you only positive changes to your life like it did to mine! 

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