7 Tips for Apartment Living

Learn from our mistakes and remember these 7 things during your time in Dublin!  


1. Unpack your things.

I know this one seems obvious, but you should actually do it. The sooner you organise your things, the sooner you can get out and explore the city.  This will also help you know exactly what you packed and what you possibly forgot. Each room has adequate storage, so put it to good use. You will also give yourself some more space by putting your suitcase or bags away once they are empty.

2. Use a keychain.

Your keys may be tiny, but they are so important! They are often lost easily because of their small size, but don’t let this happen to you! Being locked out of your place is never a fun; and with all the rain in Ireland, the last thing you want is to be locked out, forced to wait in the rain. To make sure you don’t end up in this situation, attach your key to a keychain. You could certainly bring one from home or stop into a Carroll’s and pick up a souvenir Dublin one!

3. Keep snacks in your pantry.

We all know what it’s like to have those late night cravings, yet no food in the house. A real tragedy, indeed. The next time that you’re out and about, stop into a Centra, Tesco, or any store that sells food pick up some snacks. If you need some suggestions, just know you can’t go wrong with Pringles, chocolate, or even a frozen pizza! These snacks are great to have at your apartment, and also to pack up and bring with you on the go.

4. Cook once for the week.

Cooks and non-cooks, this tip is for you! It is very easy to make a big meal once a week, and then package up the leftovers into individual containers. This really helps when you need to pack a quick lunch before leaving for the day. It also is great if you get back home and don’t feel like cooking or going out to eat.  If you are not huge into cooking, there are still options for you. Many grocery stores sell pre-packaged food such as sandwiches, salads, and yogurts. You can divide these up to have for your meals throughout the week! Not to mention, getting food at grocery stores is much less expensive than eating out everyday!

5. Crack a window.

Sometimes in the summer, and I really only mean sometimes, it can get a little warm here in Dublin. This can make the apartment a little stuffy, so don’t be afraid to open a window to get some fresh air. You can usually catch a nice breeze by doing this and it will help to cool down the apartment to a comfortable temperature. Just make sure to close it before you leave the house or if it starts to rain!

6. Do your laundry early in the day.

If you’re going to be here for an extended amount of time, you are definitely going to need to do laundry. Here’s a little tip to help you with the process, because appliances work differently all over the world. Try to start the washing machine in the morning or in the afternoon, as the machine usually takes about 4 hours to run a full cycle. If you leave during the day, your clothes will be finished and ready to hang up by the time that you get home. Another tip: plan for your laundry to take about two days to complete. Depending on the material of your clothing, some items will take about a day to fully dry! So, if you are running out of clothes, make sure to get them in the washer before you completely run out.

7. Make plans.

You may find yourself stressed out while trying to adapt to life in Dublin, but there are so many fun things to take your mind off of school, work, or whatever it is. Get out there give yourself a break! Make the most of your free time by doing the thing that you enjoy the most! This could be trying new restaurants, visiting different cities in Ireland, shopping in trendy stores, spending time in nature, or going to a pub with your roommates. So whatever you love to do, make the plans to do it and you’ll see why so many people fall in love with Ireland. Need some ideas? Click here for some fun, but inexpensive ideas!