7 Best Museums in Dublin

Looking for some new attractions to visit while in Dublin? Even just a rainy day activity? Look no further! Here are 7 of the best museums Dublin has to offer.

  • 1st St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Founded in 1191, this church has a lot of history to offer! Walk around the cathedral to learn about the buildings history and much more!

St. Patricks Cathedral – Dublin Pass
  • 2nd The Little Museum of Dublin

Located right across the street from St. Stephens Green. Tour this whole museum in less than 30 minutes!

The Little Museum of Dublin – Visual Artists
  • 3rd The National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland

Visit this museum to learn about the famous leprechauns! Open during the day to all ages, and at night for 18+!

Leprechaun Museum
  • 4th Guinness Storehouse

Interested in becoming certified in pouring a pint of Guinness? This seven story museum will teach you all there is to know about guinness and how to pour like a pro!

Guinness Storehouse – Silverservice.ie
  • 5th Jameson Distillery

If you are a fan of whiskey, this museum is the place for you. Purchase a ticket and get a fully guided tour around the distillery, a complimentary drink, and much more!

Jameson Distillery – irishtimes.com
  • 6th Book of Kells – Trinity College

This Museum offers Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure, and one of the world’s most extraordinary libraries.

Trinity College Library – Irishtimes.com
  • 7th Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

This museum offers multiple different tours so everybody can find one that suits them! Visit the cemetery to learn about the people who helped shape ireland.

The Glasnevin Cemetery – glasnevinmuseum.ie
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