10 things you need to bring to Ireland

Before to come to Ireland you need to plan very well what you will pack to not forget anything important.

1. Adaptor for Irish sockets.

10 things you need to bring to Ireland

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Unless you are travelling from the UK you will be likely to bring an adaptor. It probably can be the most important thing you need to bring to Ireland as you are going to need to charge your phone and your laptop.

Take note that Irish electricity runs at 230 Volts – instantly frying all appliances geared for 110 Volts not using a transformer.

You can buy a adapter just for €1.49 in Mr Price. It really worth.


2. Rain-proof clothing

As Ireland’s inhabitants know rain is usual in this country. It rains most of days so you need to be ready for that. Umbrellas are completely useless and they tend to die as there are a heavy windy but it is a good idea to bring rain-proof clothing as a rain jacket. Also, you must to bring a hat or a cap.
10 things you need to bring to Ireland

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3.Camera for the breathtaking landscapes

You will find amazing landscapes in Ireland and in the surroundings of Dublin so you must to immortalize this places. The perfect camera would be a small, light camera with an optical zoom as it occupies few space in your luggage. Also remember to bring enough storage media or film as they are very expensive in Ireland.

4.Euros, not pounds!

10 things you need to bring to Ireland

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Some people are confused about if in Ireland is used euros. If you are coming you need to know that euros are used in Ireland and pounds are used in

North Ireland. So if you are travelling from outside of Europe you need to change your money to euros before arrive to Dublin because it is expensive to change money in the airport and you probably need it for take a taxi to go to the city.



5.Sunglasses – it’s not just rain and clouds

The Irish weather is very changeable. You can seen rain, hail, wind and sun in half an hour.  The sun often is very heavy in spring and in summer so you will need a sunglasses and if your skin is sensitive you will need solar cream to avoid burns.

6.Insurance health card and medicines 

10 things you need to bring to Ireland

Source: ourhealth.org.au

A lot of students don’t know that there are a European health card to go by free to the doctor. if you are European you should inform and get your european health card before come to Ireland! It will allow you to go to the doctor by free and  also you can get medicines (after get a prescription) by free if you have this card. In case you don’t bring it you will pay to visit a doctor. Can be a good idea to bring to Ireland some medicines because you can’t get antibiotics without a prescription and medicines are more expensive in Ireland.


10 things you need to bring to Ireland

Source: scienceblog.cancerresearchuk.org

7. Tobacco

A package of cigarettes is 10€ in Ireland so If you are a smoker or you like smoke sometimes you must to bring cigarettes to Ireland specially if it is cheaper in your country.


8.Good walking shoes

If you are visiting Ireland and want to see attractions close up you will have to walk, sometimes considerable distances. Take your most comfortable walking shoes and step out. Many rural attractions will involve walks over natural, sometimes rough ground.

9. Debit card and Credit card

If you want to travel around Ireland the best option is rent a car and you will need a credit card to do it. So don’t forget it in your home!!!

10 things you need to bring to Ireland

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10. Condoms: for your night outs

I recommend to bring you condoms if you are planning to be sexually active in Ireland. Although you can take contraceptives sexually transmitted diseases are very widespread in Ireland and it is not enough protection. Remember: is it better prevent than cure!!!


I hope this information will be useful for your trip!!

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